WE SUPPORT SDGs “Put your face on it”

Brembo People’s Commitment to the 2030 Agenda.


In line with the recommendations of the SDG Compass — the guide for business action on implementing the 2030 Agenda — in 2019 the Group launched the project “We support SDGs” aimed at delving into, learning about and disseminating the SDGs and assessing the Brembo’s potential contribution to their achievement. “We support SDGs” is not only a call to action for people and all stakeholders to support and promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but is also a project aimed at spreading and sharing all the good practices that Brembo People already carry out in their daily working and private lives. These are the bases for the initiative “Put your face on it”, centered on the stories of Brembo People who act as ambassadors for sustainable action. 

Because sustainability is a shared responsibility, also made up of simple gestures.




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We support SDGs

Brembo adheres to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development​