Brembo’s Beyond Greenance Kit wins a gold medal of the forward-looking category in the 2023 Lingxuan Awards


 Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit has got a Gold Award of the chassis and tire forward-looking category for its extraordinary strength.

​The results of the 8th Lingxuan Awards has been freshly released on November 11, 2023. Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit has got a Gold Award of the chassis and tire forward-looking category for its extraordinary strength.

It’s the second time that Brembo wins the Gold Award in the forward-looking category after its SENSIFY that has won the same gold award in 2022. Brembo is recognized by the Chinese automotive industry for its future-oriented approach to better and more sustainable mobility solutions.


Greenance Kit features a jointly developed range of new combined innovative alloy discs and newly engineered brake pads, currently developed for light commercial vehicles, which greatly enriches Brembo’s Aftermarket line-up.

Thanks to Brembo’s unparalleled technological know-how and expertise, the Greenance Kit offers superior braking performance, lower environmental impact, longer service life and lower total cost of ownership.

It matches both customer expectations and environmental awareness to contribute to a sustainable and greener world, without compromising on the top braking performance expected from Brembo products, just like the name of Greenance suggests, it perfectly interprets ‘GREEN’ and ‘PERFORMANCE’.


​Greenance Kit guarantees extremely high technical and quality standards, ensuring a much lower environmental impact during braking, with a significant reduction in particulate emissions: -83% in PM101 and -80% in PM2.5.

In addition, this pioneering solution guarantees extended mileage and a significant improvement in terms of the total cost of ownership of vehicles amounting to an average reduction of 15%, it ensures an increased durability of the brake discs, tripling their expected lifetime. This leads to relevant cost savings over the entire life cycle of the vehicle that is a top priority for long-distance professionals and drivers of light commercial vehicles and fleets.

Greenance Kit has already passed the ECE-R90 homologation tests as well as the most severe benchmark road tests, conducted by the company’s technicians, accordingly to Brembo’s most stringent requirements.


Brembo has been operating in China for more than 20 years and has always been committed to sustainability and the pursuit of excellent performance.

The Greenance Kit inherits the core values of the Beyond product line that are based on environmental protection, innovation and performance, marking a major step towards sustainability in Brembo's drive for the future mobility. Brembo keeps developing more efficient, intelligent and sustainable solutions for a greener future.

The Lingxuan Awards, namely China Automotive Parts Industry Award, aims to discover and encourage more preeminent companies and emerging players in the auto parts industry and offer auto manufacturers a tech-focused landscape of the supply chain.

The Brembo Greenance Kit stands out from the fierce competition for its innovation that contributes to the environment and green mobility. Brembo’s Greenance Kit is now available on the market, the launched product is listed on Bremboparts and TecDoc and it will be showcased at the upcoming Automechanika Shanghai exhibition.

Further details can be found there: Brembo Greenance Kit