For the first time, 100% of the MotoGP riders have Brembo brakes


 With two types of calipers (light and heavy duty) and 4 disc solutions (320 mm and 340 mm, high and low strips), Brembo guarantees all of the MotoGP riders the highest levels of safety and performance on all of the circuits.

Brembo is preparing to start the new season of MotoGP World Championship in the name of continuity and maximum commitment in the development and improvement of brake system components.

The 2016 technical regulation provides for important changes, not allowing any more the use of aluminium-lithium material for brake calipers. This change implicated during the winter tests an important development and set-up work of a new ‘family’ of aluminium brake calipers.


The Championship pre-season tests were particularly aimed at the optimization of feeling of individual riders and to achieve the maximum performance consistency with the highly demanding track for brake systems as the Malaysian circuit of Sepang..

Two types of aluminium calipers are available for 2016 season:

light duty, designed and optimised for use with standard pads;
heavy duty, conceived specifically for use with high mass pads.                      



Given the excellent braking power levels achieved by its systems, Brembo has focused to offer to customers an extensive “customization” of brake systems, deriving from the optimization of specific requirements of riders.
As regards friction material, are available discs with 320mm diameter and with larger diameter of 340mm, at high mass (35mm) and low mass (27mm), to guarantee in each track the correct operating range in terms of operating temperature and braking torque.

Different are the types of brake master cylinders to satisfy all riders requirements and their braking style, both to improve initial bite and increase or decrease stroke and reactivity. As regards wet discs, thanks to the experience deriving from Superbike Championship, the Italian Company proposes brake steel rotors of different diameter and thickness, usable without changes at set-up of brake master cylinders.


​ The MotoGP World Championship begins on 20th March at the Losail circuit in Qatar, and will continue through 18 events to conclude on 13rd November at the Spanish Valencia circuit.

This year 100% of riders has decided to rely on the superior performance, reliability, safety and innovation offered by the Italian Company, undisputed world leader in competition motorcycle.




Marchesini11 riders are using Marchesini forged magnesium wheels

This year also sees Marchesini wheels used by the majority of the teams competing in the premier bike racing series. In this season, due to tyre supplier change (from 16.5” wheel size to 17” wheel size) and the introduction of new homologation standards for wheels, Brembo supplies to more than half of riders new forged 17” magnesium wheels, with a weight of about 6 kg per pair. 

Marchesini is a Brembo group brand specialised in manufacturing sophisticated forged magnesium and aluminium wheels, with products used by teams winning numerous past editions of the MotoGP and WSBK Championships.