Aesthetics at the EICMA

Technology and innovation, braking excellence and at the same time, style: these are the elements that characterise all Brembo braking systems. At Brembo – a company that has been market leader for over 50 years – the design focus evolves alongside technological innovation. Each brake must of course be functional, but at the same time, a design element that makes the motorbike it equips unique.​

After the success gained at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it is on the occasion of EICMA that Brembo underlines its attention to aesthetic detail by launching Brembo Stile to the two wheels world: the company's internal reference point which will coordinate its style activities on the product to make it even more unique, with a clear identity that is therefore distinctive. Brembo Stile means share styles, approaches, methods and new and creative activities. The initiative combines Brembo's DNA for technological innovation with the design and style of new aesthetic languages, further developing the brand's identity.​

For the occasion of EICMA, Brembo has created a new exhibition design that offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a unique experience, composed of images, sounds and colours that depict the world of Racing, Performance, Technology and Style. ​

An engaging, exciting video installation enables the viewer to feel the same passion that drives Brembo in its continuous evolution and stylistic research. Various forms of expression are used to demonstrate this journey and convey the different spirits that Brembo, in its complexity, contains. As part of this, beams of light and digital images chase each other round to represent both minimalist and bold aspects of product design, all set to a strong, engaging musical backdrop.​

A series of key words that, together with the images, communicate the various activities and direction of Brembo’s new projects to visitors in an innovative way. These activities include market and product design research, understanding customer needs, a focus on innovation, product positioning, and the identification of codes and standards to be used.

The video presents the shapes, lines and colours of recent product examples, not only to convey Brembo's outstanding capacity for innovation, but also to showcase its style-setting direction.​