New range of Brembo products for off-road motorbikes


 The new Brembo XCS® master cylinder and the new Brembo Off-Road caliper

In yet another step towards the “Customize your braking” philosophy, Brembo presents the XCS® (Cross Click System) master cylinder concept and the OFF-ROAD brake caliper, both designed for off-road vehicles.

Brembo XCS   

The new master cylinder is equipped with XCS® (Cross Click System) and has all the features of the previous MCS road version, which allows the rider to choose between powerful braking and braking regulated on the basis of road and weather conditions, as well as adapting to the rider's own preferences and familiarity with the vehicle.

Adjusting the lever offset is extremely practical and intuitive, and allows the rider to make rapid braking adjustments without tools using 15.5, 16.5 and 17.5 mm lever offsets. It can be a modulation "the way you want it, where you want it". The adjustments can be carried out manually anywhere to enable for an absolutely personalized braking experience in order to deliver the best possible braking in any conditions.





With XCS® regulation the rider can select one of three configuration settings from the most adjustable, with a slightly longer brake run on 15.5x10 mm specification; to the most responsive, where the brake lever response is more intimately connected to the force applied 17.5x10 mm specification.

The patent pending XCS® concept includes two coaxial regulation knobs, one dedicated to regulating the lever distance and the other to regulating the lever ratio, which can change by up to 12 percent, in 3 percent increments.

The master cylinder also allows for handguards to be mounted without using handlebar supports.



The master cylinder is paired with a new OFF-ROAD brake caliper suitable for use on the most widely sold Japanese motocross bikes.
The body of the new OFF-ROAD brake caliper is made of aluminium and is produced using the latest in foundry techniques. It is subjected to intense anodizing treatment, titanium coloured, and bears the instantly recognisable hand-painted Brembo logo.

Heat dissipation from the caliper has been greatly increased by means of a special opening on the bridge; ease of service has also been improved, by using a more stable pad spring. The tube studs and drain screw have been rotated toward the tyre to guard against impact; the caliper support is billet aluminum and later anodized, for the best combination of resistance and reduced weight.

The product comes with sintered brake pads, the best technology available on the market. Other contents of the kit include the instruction manual, Brembo stickers and the helpful temperature-sensitive stickers used to keep an eye on brake caliper temperatures, a testament to the product's racing spirit.