Main Shareholders


Brembo share capital totals 34,727,914 Euro and is composed of 333,922,250 shares.

​​Nationality​ No. of shares​ % on Share Capital​ Voting Rights​ % on Voting Rights
NUOVA FOURB SRL ​​​ITA​​​178,859,605​53.563%​​​​357,583,370​​​​​​69.706%​​
​BREMBO S.P.A. (OWN SHARES)​ ​ITA​​​​10,664,557​(*)
​10,664,557 (*)​​


(*) voting right suspended

For voting rights please visit ​​Increased Voting Right​.​
Update:​ 6 October 2023​​


Brembo has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1995.