Brembo Red - Episode 13


 BREMBO RED is live at LUFTGEKUHLT 7, the Porsche air-cooled festival in Indianapolis.

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Host Dan Sandberg welcomes JOHN OATES, from the legendary pop duo HALL & OATES, and Porsche race car specialist KEVIN JEANNETTE from GUNNAR PORSCHE RACING to talk MUSIC, CARS, Racing, and CULTURE. 

JOHN OATES talks about how he fell in love with cars, his special Porsche 356 EMORY OUTLAW and the reveal at Luft 7 of his unique rebuilt Porsche 914/6. He also talks about his passion for both music and cars.

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KEVIN JEANNETTE talks about the 914/6 he built with John Oates, the future of car rebuilds and collecting and HOLLYWOOD RACE CAR DRIVERS, including his work with the legendary Paul Newman, and the future of car rebuilding and collecting.​




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