Introduced at Eicma 2016 as a concept bike, the HP4 Race was then produced in a limited edition run of just 750 units. The use of noble materials, the perfection of the machining and the use of high level components allowed BMW to produce a racing thoroughbred, ,without compromises. One of its distinctive elements is the monocoque construction carbon frame that weighs just 17.2 lbs. Also in carbon are the front and rear wheel and the fairings that conceal an engine similar to the 6.2 and 7.2 specs of the World Endurance and World Superbike Championships. It has 215 HP and a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 10,000 rpm for 377 lbs with the tank full. Danke, BMW.

In order to ensure maximum braking quality, Brembo used the most refined racing components from the most important championships: the GP4-PR caliper, steel discs with T-Drive technology and lowered braking band, Z04 racing pads and the billet radial brake master cylinder also used in Moto2. Derived from the calipers used in MotoGP, the GP4-PR are machined from solid billet and have 4 titanium pistons of different diameters (to maintain a constant friction coefficient) and gaskets developed for racing bikes. The T-Drive discs on the HP4 Race stand out for their 8 "T" pins that guarantee more efficient transmission of braking torque, providing excellent resistance in extreme operating conditions.

*The BMW HP4 Race is a stock bike made in a limited series of 750 units that are not street-legal and can only be used on the track. After a great deal of thought, we decided to include it in these rankings because the goal is to account for the braking systems used by the most powerful stock bikes in the world (and therefore, not including prototypes or limited editions of a few dozen units) independently of use on the road or on the track.