The latest innovations exhibited at IAA in Frankfurt

For decades, Brembo has been the point of reference for braking systems and this year it is participating in IAA to showcase its most innovative products: EPB systems.

These systems improve driving comfort, reduce the number of braking system components, enhance performance and increase safety, resulting in guaranteed parking under any conditions.

The range is comprised of: ECM (Electric Combined Monobloc), EP (Electric Parking brake), and ECS (Electromechanical Combined Sliding).



ECM – Electric Combined Monobloc is available on the market in the Extrema version.
This aluminum caliper integrates the electric parking brake, which is governed by an electronic control unit made by Brembo.
The brake disc is made of carbon ceramic.

EP stand-alone Electric Parking, has an aluminum floating caliper and a cast iron brake disc.

ECS – Electromechanical Combined Sliding, Brembo's most recent innovation is an unprecedentedly lightweight single caliper body that enables simultaneous operation of the service brake and the electromechanical parking brake by means of a gearmotor developed by Brembo.

This solution offers excellent braking performance and with its optimized friction material, it is able to guarantee parking under any condition or temperature.



In order to ensure unrivalled safety margins in emergency situations, Brembo has developed and fine-tuned monitoring software that activates dynamic braking. In the event that both of the calipers’ hydraulic circuits should fail to operate, the driver can still stop the car by using the electromechanical actuator.

The new Brembo caliper also has a hot-brake reclamp feature. This means that when the vehicle is parked on a slope, the software automatically activates the caliper to recover the thermal deformation of the disc and pads, guaranteeing the safe parking of the car on the steepest slopes at very high temperatures.

The use of aluminum makes the unsprung weight significantly lower than that of a comparable cast iron floating caliper.