Brembo testers and engineers protagonists of the FMI course


 With the support of FMI experts, the staff of Brembo's research and development department spent seven days engaged in various activities, aimed at improving their professional skills


There is a secret to Brembo's ability to create increasingly advanced braking systems that set the highest possible standards, time after time: every year, the company invests a significant proportion of its turnover - 5% - in Research and Development, an area in which 10% of its staff are engaged. 

In order to be perfect, a braking system must pass the most stringent tests, carried out under all conditions, including the most extreme. For this reason, Brembo dedicates around 350,000 man-hours every year to bench testing and around 200,000 man-hours to road testing - an extraordinary amount of time, which enables Brembo to achieve excellence.


But for Brembo, excellence alone is never enough, which is why during the month of October, for the very first time, Brembo’s engineers and testers took part in a special initiative managed by the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI).​

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With the support of FMI experts, Brembo's Research and Development Department team spent seven days engaged in a range of extremely demanding activities and exercises designed to further improve their professional skills. 

For the Brembo test riders, it was extremely valuable to be able to put themselves through their paces in the various tests, not only in order to increase their already extensive skills in the saddle, but also to help them to understand the neurophysiological mechanisms that lie at the heart of riding a motorcycle, particularly in critical situations. ​



The course therefore provided a full immersion into the world of motorcycling. During the first two days, the Autodromo di Cervesina racing circuit was the star of the show, as the riders began with practice sessions on the forecourt before progressing to several sessions on the track. The technicians and test riders subsequently moved on to the Verolanuova facility for motocross testing, and then to Stezzano for training on roads open to general traffic. 

Finally, the week was brought to a close at the Tavullia Motor Ranch, home to the VR46 Riders Academy, where an intense day of Flat Track riding was held, concluding a week of hard but satisfying work for the Brembo test riders and the FMI technicians.