The best 10 cars of 2018!


 Brembo brakes decisive in the braking and acceleration performance) of the cars of the year.


​Weeks and weeks of tests, analyzing the performance of the cars in the most varied conditions until finally declaring the 10 best models of 2018. The monthly periodical Car and Driver delighted us once again this year with the 10 Best Cars of the year that has just begun.

An important opinion from a periodical that bases its prestige on its distribution seniority (the first edition came out in 1955), on its famed independence and on the number of copies distributed: the latest coverage statistics show 1.2 million copies for a single issue.

Only one entry limitation was set by the American testers and reporters, necessary to make sure that the choice would not fall on supercars well out of the average reader's budget: the sticker price of each new car had to be lower than $80,000.



There was room in the Top 10 for American, German, Italian and Japanese cars. And, an even more important consideration for us, most of these models use Brembo braking systems.

Indeed, because contrary to what many believe, Brembo brakes equip not only the fastest supercars on the planet, but also medium engine size sedans and sports cars.

Car and Driver does not put the 10 cars selected in order, so we'll never know which one is the absolute best. Furthermore, almost all of the 10 cars selected by Car and Driver were tested with various equipment packages, for a total of 23 different models.

Taking the data from the stats published by Car and Driver, we had fun putting the magnificent 10 in order using three different parameters: braking, acceleration and price.

So, with the information below, not only will you be able to see which cars are the 10 best of 2018 according to Car and Driver, but you will also be able to discover which of the 10 are the best in braking, acceleration and price.

The best 10 cars of 2018 according to Car and Driver in braking

The best 10 cars of 2018 according to Car and Driver in acceleratione​

The best 10 cars of 2018 according to Car and Driver by price