THE ART OF BRAKING: an engaging exhibition about brakes


 Over 60 years of the famous brand's history narrated through design, innovation, and research in an exhibition where the control of energy and movement is transformed into an immersive experience of technology, light design, and video installations.


Technological innovation, research in design and performance - from the Compasso d'Oro to Formula 1 -, constant commitment to sustainability: "THE ART OF BRAKING. An engaging exhibition about brakes", scheduled at the MUDEC in Milan from September 6-18, 2022 with free admission, narrates the industrial history and iconic products of Brembo - a world leader in braking systems for over sixty years - in an immersive multimedia experience conceived and produced by Brembo and Balich Wonder Studio.


The exhibition is part of the artistic and cultural programme of the MUDEC - Museo delle Culture, a place for dialogue about contemporary topics through visual, performing and sound arts, design and costume. With this first exhibition project, in the spaces that once housed the former Ansaldo industrial complex, Brembo retraces the stages of an entrepreneurial adventure that, over the years, has made the historic company from an excellence of the Italian know-how, capable of combining technology and design , with a constant focus on contemporaneity and the future.


Through interactive installations, light design and videos, the visitors will be led to the discovery of the shapes, materials, colours, style, and evolution of braking systems, with characterising elements - such as calipers, discs and pads - an expression of high technology and design, in a fascinating journey that sets off from the company's origins, and includes the most important challenges of the future, such as sustainability and electric mobility. Brembo has always combined performance and design, making the brake a distinctive object and a forerunner of the evolutions in the sector, and beyond. In the exhibition, history and products come together in an exhibition divided into eight thematic sections - origin and birth, races, research, style, design, the world, the future - with a series of installations between past and future.​

The exhibition will be held at the Museo delle Culture di Milano (MUDEC) in via Tortona 56​

Find yourself in the middle of a Formula 1 or MotoGP circuit, experience the thrill of a car or motorbike race thanks to special tubes that recreate the sound experience of a racetrack; "enter" the shapes of brake discs through cones of laser lights; immerse yourself in a kinetic installation of over 300 coloured brake calipers, some of which are suspended and continuously moving; marvel at a one-piece Formula 1 caliper that, from a single piece of aluminium, comes to life as a true sculpture; or lose yourself in an 'Infinity room' generated by the reflective surface of the 'Greentive' disc, which creates an unexpected and infinite environment: you will find various and numerous multimedia experiences thanks to which you can immerse in the world of Brembo braking systems.​


Special attention is also paid to products that have led Brembo to win the most prestigious design awards. The company is in fact the first component manufacturer to have won the Compasso d'Oro, the world's oldest and most prestigious industrial design award, in 2004, with its carbon ceramic braking system for road cars, and in 2020 with the Formula E brake caliper. Brembo also received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, the world's most coveted and authoritative design award.