Brembo Red - Episode 16


 This edition of Brembo RED with Dan Sandberg features Jason Stein of SiriusXM’s Cars and Culture talking about podcasts vs. print media and the future of EVs, Chris Sergeant, Polaris’ VP talking about the increasing popularity of the Slingshot and Stephen Nasse, Late Model racer, who discusses track etiquette and doing it in the dirt.


Jason Stein, former publisher of Automotive News, started in radio and now is back with his SiriusXM show “Cars and Culture.” Stein is still breaking news and learned recently why you should be careful when asking Jay Leno why he doesn’t own a Ferrari.

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He also tells RED why it’s going to take some time for North American consumers to warm up to electric vehicles and why many current manufacturers may not survive the EV transition.​




Sergeant shares his journey from being a Naval Nuclear Submarine Officer to being the czar of the unique three-wheeled Polaris Slingshot. He explains how this “auto-cycle” provides the same “visceral experience” of a motorcycle without the “two-wheeled anxiety.”​




Stephen Nasse, the popular Late Model racer who runs 30+ races a year from Miami to Maine talks about respect on the track and how he “races how you want to be raced” and why he has used Brembo stopping power for years. He also talks about his aspirations to “maybe” running in NASCAR someday.​




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