Solution provider



Solution Provider​

Digital products and services that are ever-more sustainable open new paths and support our customers in facing the challenges of future mobility.


Electrification, autonomous driving, digitalisation. The world of mobility is evolving rapidly: we have entered a new era governed by artificial intelligence and Big Data. In this context, Brembo’s mission has become that of a credible Solution Provider – with increasingly sustainable digital products and services, capable of meeting the new needs of both the automotive industry and a future mobility that is necessarily kinder to the environment. 

New paths have been taken, where each new product is greener than the previous one, integrating artificial intelligence and sustainable technologies into Brembo’s braking systems. 

Today Brembo looks to the future with the aim of working side by side with its partners in facing and meeting the challenges presented by the changing automotive market and revolutionary types of mobility, while staying relevant for future generations.