Brembo unveils its new visual identity and logo reflecting the company’s evolution as a solution provider


 The logo has been restyled with a simple and modern design which speaks to the digital-native generation and powers the brand experience.


Brembo today unveiled its new visual identity and logo, reflecting the company’s strategic vision: “Turning Energy into Inspiration”. 

“Brembo’s new visual identity ensures consistency between our promise and our image, powering our brand experience,” says Daniele Schillaci, Brembo’s Chief Executive Officer. “The core element of this new identity is the restyling of our logo, which is recognized all over the world and has contributed to our company’s success. Now it embeds the notion of simplicity, with a modern and digital soul capturing Brembo’s forward-looking attitude. The new visual identity expresses both the company’s heritage and its evolution and it will inspire our future.”


The new logo features design innovation, while remaining true to the brand’s long-standing style. The distinctive Brembo symbol has been optimized to be coherent with the new lettering, which is softer, more rounded and easier to read at any size, especially for digital activations. The iconic red color will continue to embody the company’s passion with its modernized shapes, which speak to younger, digital-native generations. The new logo will ultimately help to further ensure Brembo’s status as a timeless brand.​


Since the launch of the new vision in the fall of 2020, Brembo embarked on a journey to become a solution provider, with ambitions to contribute to shaping the future of mobility. This is leading to a significant transformation in Brembo’s offering, taking the company from components to complete solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence, mechatronics and data. 

Brembo’s new visual identity makes clear and visible this change to all who interact with the Brembo brand, ensuring consistency between our promise and image. ​