21 May 1995: Brembo celebrates the last non-victory in 500/MotoGP


 Exactly twenty-two years ago was the last win by a bike without Brembo bikes in the premier class: since then, it has been 364 wins in a row for Brembo in the premier class.

The big brands and celebrities love to remember the anniversary of their great success on the web and on social networks.

However, we at Brembo love to go against the grain and that is why we are here today to celebrate a Brembo loss, the last one to tell the truth, in the World Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing premier class.


Axial mount monobloc caliper used for the bikes in the 500 class until 1998 .


It is news that dates back no less than 22 years ago: on 21 May 1995, on the Nurburgring, Daryl Beattie won the German GP in the 500 class (which would later be replaced by MotoGP in 2002) astride his Suzuki RGV500. That day represents a historic date, because it is the last race in the premier class (500-MotoGP) won by a bike without Brembo brakes.

Yes, you heard right. In the last 22 years, not even one GP has been won by a bike with a braking system that was not made by Brembo. This is an incredible result that allowed us to line up a streak of 364 consecutive victories.

To give you an idea, just think that the last time a bike without Brembo brakes won a GP in the 500/MotoGP class, the PlayStation (we're talking about the first, 32 bit version) had just come out (and it was only available in Japan), Braveheart was in the theaters and Take That and Boys II Men were at the top of the charts.

Michael Schumacher was still racing the Benetton in Formula 1, the Dakar was held in Africa and Valentino Rossi still had not made his début in the World Championship.

The most advanced computer operating system was called Windows 3.11 and less than one million people worldwide were connected to the Internet. What's more, Maverick Viñales was only 4 months old and Max Verstappen had not been born yet.


​Kicking off the winning streak was the legendary Mick Doohan on 11 June 1995 at Mugello (Italy): The Australian had already taken 21 victories with his Honda 500, thanks in part to the thumb operated master cylinder that Brembo engineers had fine tuned for him after the serious accident in Assen (Holland).

The year 1995 ended with 8 wins for Brembo braked bikes and the following year Brembo won 100 percent of the GP wins in the 500 class for the first time. Among other things, in those days there were still not many teams using Brembo brakes.

However, as the years went by, the constant improvements brembo made translated into more and more performance benefits that convinced even the worst skeptics.

One of the decisive steps in this area was the use of the brand new radial mount caliper, first by Suzuki in 1999 and then, one by one, by all the top teams: the victories by Kenny Roberts JR acted as a sounding box for the innovation produced by Brembo and more and more teams asked to purchase it.


Radial mount monobloc caliper used for the bikes in the 250 class since 1998 and in the 500 class since 1999





​Brembo's domination did not falter with the inception of MotoGP either, and over the years the number teams who place their trust in Brembo brakes has grown consistently.

Until, in 2016, 100% of the riders on the grid decided to trust in the high level of performance, reliability, safety and innovation that Brembo guarantees. This is a jackpot that was confirmed again this year, but it is certainly not a point of arrival.

Betting is open on when our winning streak will end.




- 364 wins in a row
- 32 riders have won at least one GP
- 4 Manufacturers have won at least one GP
- 199 Honda wins
- 121 Yamaha wins
- 33 Ducati wins
- 11 Suzuki wins
- 82 Valentino Rossi wins
- 44 Jorge Lorenzo wins
- 38 Casey Stoner wins
- 33 Mick Doohan wins
- 30 Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez wins
- 14 Alex Criville wins
- 13 Max Biaggi wins
- 9 Loris Capirossi and Sete Gibernau wins
- 8 Kenny Roberts JR. wins
- 6 Alex Barros wins
- 5 Marco Melandri wins
- 4 Luca Cadalora and Tadayuki Okada wins
- 3 four-rider wins
- 2 four-rider wins
- 1 nine-rider win