​The Brembo brake disc: a safe, dependable ally for all commercial vehicles

Brembo fully understands the extreme stresses that a commercial vehicle braking system endures. The work demanded of a brake disc and the heat that it must dissipate during braking are directly proportional to the mass of the vehicle and the speed it is travelling at when braking starts. As a result, the braking system of a commercial vehicle is subjected to more stress than in other applications, making it all the more crucial that it is suitable for the application. Brake discs for today's vehicles must also ensure more immediate responsiveness and be able to withstand greater braking forces than in the past.

For critical applications such as heavy vehicles, Brembo discs employ exclusive pillar venting technology, developed and patented by the Brembo Research and Development Centre. Improved material distribution, increased heat exchange surface area and greater air turbulence in the ventilation gap contribute to significantly reducing cooling times, making the disc less prone to cracking and failure.



Special high-carbon-content cast iron

Another innovative feature of Brembo brake discs for heavy vehicles is the use of special high-carbon-content cast iron, identified by the letters HC (High Carbon).

The reduced operating temperatures and improved thermal inertia of this material minimise vibration and noise while also increasing both performance and comfort.

An efficient braking system must ensure superior stress resistance and be capable of generating high braking torque in all conditions.



Shorter braking distance and longer life

Furthermore, stopping distances with Brembo discs are shorter than with other discs tested.

Using high quality discs and pads increases the durability of both components. The thermal cracks that develop in particularly worn discs not only compromise the safety and performance of the brake disc itself but also reduce the efficiency of the brake pads.

Tests demonstrate than, on average, a pad will last approximately 20% longer if used in conjunction with a high-quality disc.



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