Governing Boards and Committees




Board of Director

Alberto Bombassei – Chairman
Matteo Tiraboschi – Executive Deputy Chairman
Andrea Abbati Marescotti - Managing Director and General Manager
Cristina Bombassei – Executive Director
Barbara Borra - Independent Director
Giovanni Cavallini - Independent Director
Giancarlo Dallera - Non-Executive Director (Independent Director until 2015)
Umberto Nicodano – Non-Executive Director
Bianca Maria Martinelli - Independent Director
Pasquale Pistorio - Independent Director
Gianfelice Rocca - Independent Director

Board of Stautory Auditors

Raffaella Pagani - Chairwoman
Sergio Pivato -  Effective Auditor
Milena T. Motta – Effective Auditor
Marco Salvatore –Alternate Auditor
Myriam Amato - Alternate Auditor

Independent Auditors for Brembo S.p.A.                                        

Reconta Ernst & Young S.p.A.

Audit & Risk Committee

As of 1 January 2016 and until the end of the term of office of the Board of Directors (General Shareholders’ Meeting called to approve the 2016 Financial Statements), the Audit & Risk Committee will be made up of*:
(which also acts as the Related Party Transactions Committee)

Giovanni Cavallini - Chairman (indipendent)
Bianca Maria Martinelli - Member (indipendent)
Giancarlo Dallera - Member (indipendent)

* Given that the terms of office provided for by Brembo S.p.A's Corporate Governance Code had been exceeded by Directors G. Cavallini and G. Dallera , the Board of Directors' of Brembo S.p.A. has approved a new composition of the Audit & Risk Committee

Remuneration & Appointments Committee

Barbara Borra - Chairwoman (indipendent)
Umberto Nicodano - Member (non-executive)
Giovanni Cavallini - Member (indipendent)

Lead Independent Director

​Pasquale Pistorio

Supervisory Committee

Raffaella Pagani 
Sergio Pivato
Milena T. Motta
Alessandra Ramorino (1)
Marco Bianchi (2)
Mario Tagliaferri (3)

(1) Director of Internal Audits, Brembo Group and Internal Control Officer
(2) Lawyer, Self Employed, Studio Castaldi Mourre & Partners, Milan.
(3) Certified Public Accountant and Legal Auditor, Self Employed, Studio Lexis - Dottori Commercialisti Associati in Crema.






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