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​For true enthusiasts or even for those who use their motorbike to get around in daily traffic, the Brembo brand is inextricably linked to the world of racing on two wheels. In fact, the teams equipped with Brembo brake systems have been dominating the legendary circuits of the most important world championships for years. However, the greatest satisfaction for Brembo is when the technologies developed at the highest levels of competitions are transferred to the brake system components for everyday vehicles.

Through the Brembo UPGRADE ​products, you enter an exclusive world, made of unique details, passion, quality and extreme performance. In the Brembo UPGRADE ​program anyone can find the best fit for his own motorbike: it doesn't matter if you are looking to the design for your “custom look”, for which you will find chromed or painted finishes, deliberately exposed metal machined surfaces polished or brushed; or if you are looking for the best track performances, the complete range of products will satisfy your need and your wish to UPGRADE ​.





Customhttps://www.brembo.com/it/moto/uso-sportivo/customCustomThe unmistakable Brembo touch on your custom motorbike.
Roadhttps://www.brembo.com/it/moto/uso-sportivo/roadRoadThe experience of Brembo at your fingertips.
Racinghttps://www.brembo.com/it/moto/uso-sportivo/racingRacingMore than 40 years of Competition Experience in a box.
Off Roadhttps://www.brembo.com/it/moto/uso-sportivo/off-roadOff RoadThe adventurous spirit of Brembo for knobby tires.



Che carico ragazzi: Budapest come Monaco https://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/gp-formula1-budapest-2021-freni-bremboChe carico ragazzi: Budapest come Monaco Tanto lavoro per il Brake by Wire al GP Ungheria. Il suo uso in F.1 e sulle auto stradali.12021-07-26T22:00:00Z0
RiMS e Brembohttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/rims-e-bremboRiMS e BremboIl videogioco di moto più realistico al mondo12021-07-22T22:00:00Z0



Racinghttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/racingRacingSCOPRI QUALIBTS-bottomDx0RACING40 ANNI DI SUCCESSI SOTTO LA BANDIERA A SCACCHI
Ricerca continuahttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/ricerca-continuaRicerca continuaSCOPRI DI PIU'BTS-bottomDx0RICERCALA RICERCA BREMBO E' SEMPRE UN PASSO AVANTI
Sicurezzahttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/sicurezzaSicurezzaSCOPRI DI PIU'BTS-bottomDx0SICUREZZAPER BREMBO LA SICUREZZA DEI PROPRI COLLABORATORI E' SEMPRE AL PRIMO POSTO
Testinghttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/testingTestingSCOPRI COMEBTS-bottomDx0TESTINGUN MILIONE DI CHILOMETRI PER LA FRENATA PERFETTA
Compasso d'oro Adihttps://www.brembo.com/it/company/news/compasso-doro-adiCompasso d'oro AdiSCOPRI DI PIÙBTS-bottomDx0DESIGNPer Brembo la bellezza è un valore

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