Feedback and engagement tools


Feedback and engagement tools​

Over the years Brembo has established an active and constant dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders based on the values of transparency, trust and consensus in decisions. Thanks to this dialogue, the Group has the opportunity to obtain important information about the reference context and receive feedback on its operations, so that it can continually improve the impact of the company’s activities on the environment and on society.

Through this process of listening and dialogue, Brembo is able to assess the extent to which it is understanding and satisfying the expectations and interests of its stakeholders and identify the areas in which to increase its commitment and those in which to confirm the approach adopted.


Establishing ongoing, mutually fruitful dialogue requires:

the identification of key stakeholders with which to promote periodic dialogue initiatives: to this regard, the map of stakeholders, which includes the associated expectations, has been drawn up thanks to internal investigations within the company structures responsible for the daily management of relations with the respective stakeholder categories;
the definition of the most appropriate methods of ensuring stakeholder engagement.


The following table sums up the listening and engagement tools and the expectations of all the Group’s stakeholders, illustrating the various interests to which Brembo is required to respond.