Feedback and engagement tools


Feedback and engagement tools

For Brembo, dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is an important element of its strategy for improving the impact of company activities on the environment and society, since it allows the Group to gather important information about the context in which it operates and to obtain feedback about its actions.
​Through this process of listening and dialogue, Brembo is able to assess the extent to which it is understanding and satisfying the expectations and interests of its stakeholders by identifying the areas in which to increase its commitment and those in which to confirm the approach adopted.​ ​

Establishing ongoing, mutually satisfactory dialogue requires: the identification of key stakeholders with which to promote periodic dialogue initiatives; and the definition of the most appropriate methods of ensuring stakeholder engagement. ​​

The chart presented below provides a concise illustration of all of the Group’s stakeholders, who represents the various interests that Brembo pursues.​​




Feedback and engagement tools​​ ​
​​• General Shareholders’ Meeting​
• Feedback and support channels offered by the Investor Relations function ​
• Meetings, roadshows (approximately 10 a year) and quarterly conference calls with analysts
• Corporate website and dedicated e-mail accounts 

. Events for financial analysts 

. Conference calls and meetings with shareholders and investors at major capital markets or the Company’s registered office

​​Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
• Increase in the value of the Brembo Group’s shares
​​• Reduction of the risks associated with the investment
​​•​Transparency of Corporate Governance structures, long-term strategy and objectives, management actions and company performance, as also extended to the environmental and social arena​


Feedback and engagement tools​
​​• ​Daily activities and reports of the Business Units: Car and Commercial Vehicle Systems Division, Brake Discs Division, Motorbikes, Aftermarket and Performance Group
• Joint development programmes
​​• Supplier assessment questionnaires and qualification processes

​• Customer support channels​

​•​ Support and training network for Brembo Expert repair professionals

​•​ Surveys to identify customers’ needs and expectations for the development of new products

• ​Events with customers​ 

. Engagement Survey on the relevance of material topics for Brembo


Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
​• Product reliability and safety

• Reliability and flexibility of production processes to ensure business continuity and delivery times

• Constant product innovation, including the improvement of environmental performance and attention to product design​

​• ​Support for joint development of custom solutions
​• Technical support for the network of repair and maintenance service professionals in the transfer of know-how
​• Protection of the value of the Brembo brand as a distinctive element for vehicles and motorbikes​


Feedback and engagement tools​
• ​Customer support channels
• Monitoring and interaction on social networks
• Feedback from vehicle and motorbike manufacturers

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
• Reliability and safety of Brembo products
• Information about proper brake system maintenance
• Protection of the value of the Brembo brand as a distinctive element for vehicles and motorbikes​


Feedback and engagement tools​
• Internal climate (every 3 years), job satisfaction and engagement surveys
• Trade union roundtables
​• Daily activities and reports of the Human Resources and Organisation function
​• Channels for receiving reports of violations of the Code of Ethics, Code of Basic Working Conditions and Policy on Non Discrimination and Diversity
​• Internal communication activity (Intranet portal, house organ and notice boards)
​• Training activities concerning organisational behaviour​

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo​​
​• Safe work environment, where the health and mental and physical wellbeing of individuals are protected
• Job stability
​• Opportunities for personal and professional growth
​• Training and skill development processes
• Remuneration policies and merit-based incentive systems
​• Inclusion and appreciation of diversity
• Transparency and engagement with regard to company objectives and performance​


Feedback and engagement tools
​• Daily activities and reports of the Purchasing function

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
​• Timely and proper fulfilment of contractual conditions
• Continuity of supply requests
​​​• Possibility of developing strategic partnerships to improve activities​


Feedback and engagement tools
​• Orientation and involvement of secondary school and university students and related recruiting programmes
• Roundtables and discussions with the Public Administration
• Initiatives involving the opening of Brembo’s facilities to visits from workers’ families (“open door” days) in various countries where the Group is present
• Initiatives in support of the social and cultural development of local communities promoted by the Group
• Whistleblowing mechanism for alleged violations of the Code of Ethics
• Monitoring through the media (press, specialist publications, TV, Web and social networks)

​Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo​​
• Support to the world of schools, also through a willingness to host students on alternating school-work paths
• Collaboration with Universities and re- search centres in the development and spread of engineering, technical and sci- entific knowledge and skills
• Offering of job opportunities and transpar- ent, merit-based recruitment processes
• Creation and protection of employment within the Group and its ancillary businesses
• Development of production and logistics processes that safeguard environmental conditions and the health of populations near Brembo’s production facilities and those of the suppliers
• Participation and support by Brembo in cultural development and social inclusion projects​


Feedback and engagement tools
• Roundtables and initiatives involving discussion with institutions, at national and international level
• Hearings before parliamentary committees

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
• Ensuring full compliance with and obser- vance of applicable legislation
• Contributing to the development of regu- lations concerning the monitoring of pol- luting emissions in the automotive sector through the sharing of know-how and of specific industry knowledge
• Promotion of local development and the achievement of the objectives established by the international agenda
• Monitoring of the process to manage social and environmental risks throughout the value chain​


Feedback and engagement tools
• Focus on the awareness campaigns of environmental associations and on analyses of the scientific community

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo
• Fight against atmospheric pollution and global warming
• Conservation of natural resources and circularity of the economy
• Protection of ecosystems and natural biodiversity
• Contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals​


Feedback and engagement tools​
• Participation in the proceedings and themed committees of trade associations 

. Participation in events and special roundtables on the reference market

Stakeholders’ expectations and interests with regard to Brembo​

• Involvement in the analysis of the industry’s performance and needs to define common strategies for improving the sector and developing industry-wide policies
• Strengthening industrial relations, including in view of pre-competitive collaboration on certain key aspects, such as improving sector sustainability
• Protection of freedom of competition


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