Management and use of water resources​

The strategy of the Group with respect to the management of water resources is implemented through the Brembo Energy and Environment Management System, whereby each plant carries out a risk and opportunities assessment for each process and production phase that has an impact on water resources. The outcome of this analysis leads — for the relevant identified risk or opportunity areas — to mitigation or other actions that may help seize any opportunities. 

In parallel to the risk assessment, Brembo runs a yearly company-wide risk evaluation programme linked to company sites located in areas classed as Water Stressed Areas, be it in present or future scenarios. Such evaluation is conducted using the “Aqueduct” digital tool, in accordance to the World Resource Institute’s (WRI) methodology. 

As far as water performance is concerned, approximately 1,2 million cubic meters of water were used, decreasing by about 6% compared to 2018. The water mains still constitute the main source of supply (approximately 75%) which not only ensures suitable quality levels, but also a reliably constant supply over time. ​


After being used for industrial purposes, i.e. for plant cooling, the production of cooling lubricant emulsions, etc., the water is mainly destined for the local water consortium sewers and only a tiny fraction is released into surface water bodies, after ensuring that the specifications on acceptability are met. ​


In 2019 the E&E management launched the ‘Water Balance’ project, aimed at assessing the water management level in all Group factories. 

To enable increasingly accurate water reporting, and identify and reduce every source of waste, the Group completed the installation of flowmeters at the entry points of every production facility. Therefore, in 2019 the Group gradually deployed special measuring equipment to quantify water waste. Simultaneously a programme aimed at increasing the involvement of the supply chain has been devised in order to increase awareness about the impact on water resources even outside the Group. ​



Future goals ​

Moreover, Brembo has set a wider strategic goal, i.e. reaching 100% water flows monitoring capability by 2025 (water withdrawal, disposal and significant internal use) for every site in the Group. This goal aims at identifying every source of waste, and every abnormal level of consumption against internal and external benchmarks, to enable the implementation of improvement measures that are in line with local standards. A further development of the project is the inclusion of water measurements within the BEP monitoring platform which — similarly to energy — will enable a constant monitoring of consumption, which in turn will be useful to identify priority areas for intervention.​​



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