Management and use of water resources​​​​

Protecting and conserving water is of vital importance and w​ater supply is considered one of the main environmental aspects. For this reason, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognises the importance of water, mainly in its Goal 6 and Goal 14 but also in all the other Goals, linked to water directly or indirectly. 

Brembo, which requires for its production processes water resources quantifiable as just under 1,500 Ml, has defined a strategy aimed at promoting the rational use of water, both by gradually reducing its use in its production processes and minimising the presence of possible pollutants that could have a negative impact on the environment. 

Due to its commitment, since 2017 CDP has recognised Brembo as one of the world's leading companies for its capability in water resource management and safety

With regard to water performance, in 2021 a total of about 1,440 megalitres of water were taken, an increase compared to the trend of recent years. 

The public water mains still constitutes the main source of supply (approximately 67%) which not only ensures suitable quality levels, but also a reliably constant supply over time.


With reference to waste water, nearly all of it is destined for the local water consortium sewers to which the sites are linked. Only a tiny fraction (about 2%) of waste water is destined to other types of release (e.g., released into surface water bodies or in the subsoil), after ensuring that the relevant local legal specifications on acceptability are met.


To enable increasingly accurate water reporting, and identify and reduce every source of waste, the Group completed at all production plants the installation of flowmeters at the site’s entry and exit points. In addition, the installation of measuring equipment of the most significant uses has been gradually extended and is expected to be completed in 2022, thus in advance compared to the originally 2025 target. A further development of the project is the inclusion of water measurements within the BEP monitoring platform which — similarly to energy — will enable a constant monitoring of consumption, which will be useful to identify priority areas for intervention in order to optimise water needs. 

Simultaneously a programme aimed at increasing the involvement of the supply chain in order to better know and understand the impact on water generated by Brembo outside its factories continued. ​​



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