The Sustainability Governance system


Sustainability governance​​ ​

The Group’s willingness to operate in an increasingly responsible manner and to include sustainability in its business practices has prompted the implementation at Brembo of a Governance system which is dedicated to the auditing and management of these topics at Group level.​

The key figure at the heart of Brembo’s sustainability governance is the Chief CSR Officer, a role entrusted to the Director in charge of the Internal Control and Risk Management System. Besides interacting with the Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee, the Chief CSR Officer is responsible for proposing, coordinating and deploying social responsibility projects and initiatives, monitoring action plans in the various organisational units (also in light of external best practices), analysing information documents and stakeholders’ requests regarding sustainability- related topics, as well as coordinating activities involved in the drafting of the yearly Disclosure of Non-Financial Information.​

To support the Chief CSR Officer, Brembo has created a CSR Steering Committee consisting of the company’s top management and the heads of the departments that are more closely involved with sustainability issues. ​The Committee is tasked with determining the Sustainability Guidelines, adopting the relative policies, proposing a plan containing the environmental and social strategic objectives, approving the projects submitted by the Chief CSR Officer and validating the preparatory activities needed to launch the sustainability reporting process. The CSR Steering Committee is also required to effectively oversee the stakeholder engagement process and the sustainability-related risks, as well as to assess the draft Disclosure of Non-financial Information.

Finally, in accordance with the provisions of Borsa Italiana’s Corporate Governance Code, the Group has set up an Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee within the Board of Directors, consisting of 3 Independent Directors, each with a 3 year term expiring upon the General Shareholders’ Meeting called to approve the Financial Statements at 31 December 2019.

More specifically the Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee provides support to the Board of Directors by analysing the sustainability policies and procedures, as well as the guidelines, the company goals with related processes linked to social and environmental topics, and by monitoring sustainability related international initiatives and actively involving the Group with such initiatives to raise the company’s profile in the international arena. The Audit, Risk & Sustainability Committee is also required to express specialised opinions in relation to the identification of the main corporate risks, particularly those involving sustainability, environmental and social topics. Finally, the Committee analyses and assesses the draft Disclosure on Non-Financial Information, which is submitted for approval to the Board of Directors on a yearly basis.



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