Fair operating practices

The system to ensure integrity in business conduct


Integrity and transparency in business conduct ​

Brembo considers that transparent, ethical and compliant conduct, under all aspects, is essential for the company’s activities to be managed correctly. This means not only observing the current laws and regulations, but also considering the expectations and aspirations of the various stakeholders. ​

In order to promote a Group’s prevention policy, Brembo has implemented an integrated global compliance system, adopting a system of tools which apply to the entire Group ​(Brembo Corporate and Compliance Tools) designed to ensure a high ethical standard. The Code of Ethics​ is the mainstay of this system, but the Code must be read and interpreted together with the documents considered essential for the development and dissemination of the Group’s core values. These include the Anti-bribery Code of Conduct, the Code of Basic Working Conditions, Brembo’s Policy on Non discrimination and Diversity and other codes of conduct, policies, procedures, guidelines and organisational provisions existing today. These documents meet the requirements of Legislative Decree No. 254/2016, which requires information to be provided on the policies implemented by the business for managing the impact of its activity in non-financial environments. 

In order to ensure compliance with the principles of conduct, Brembo has issued an internal whistleblowing channel to communicate also violations and irregularities in its codes of conducts, company policies and procedures, guaranteeing the confidentiality and anonymity of the person making the report.