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Safeguarding workers’ health and wellbeing​

Brembo has made the protection of safety a distinctive element of its own business DNA, guaranteeing braking systems of the highest quality. This focus on Health and Safety issues not only assures safe products, but also applies to all people in the Group. This commitment translates into an organised Health and Safety management, which aims on the one hand to respond positively and concretely to the needs of all interested parties, and on the other to ensure increasingly healthy and safe working environments both for Brembo employees and for all people accessing the workplace for different reasons. 

To guarantee the highest health and safety standards for its own people, Brembo has adopted an increasingly structured approach, especially with regard to workplace, starting from the assessment of risks connected with production activities. To achieve this, the Group complies with local legislative requirements in activities relating to its production facilities, while promoting constant dialogue with its personnel and ensuring that access to all company facilities and outsourced processes takes place in a fully safe manner. 

Brembo's commitment to these issues takes concrete shape in the related Health and Safety Policy, which defines the objectives, principles and commitments that the Group sets itself in this area. The document is signed by the Chairman and is subject to periodic reviews

In order to encourage a corporate culture that promotes health and safety and aims for continuous improvement, the Policy is available to all interested parties both internal and external to the Group, through publication on the company intranet portal and workplace notice boards. 

Updated during 2020, upon the issue of the new Management System — a System that has adopted the principles of the ISO 45001 standard and is an integral part of the broader "Organisation, Management and Control Model" —, the certification of all sites to this standard was confirmed for 2021 through special maintenance audits carried out by a third party, which revealed no significant non-conformities. 

To ensure the full and effective implementation of the policy’s provisions, the Group voluntarily submits to regular independent third-party audits to verify that said Management System has been effectively implemented at all the different manufacturing sites. Furthermore, at local level all manufacturing sites undergo a third-party statutory audit to verify and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in every country where the Group operates. 

The Group’s approach as part of the Health and Safety Policy entails analysing, on a plant level, potential sources of risk for its personnel and putting the most effective solutions into place to prevent, reduce and, where possible, eliminate such risks: from appropriate handling of substances and processes to the correct operation, maintenance and control of machinery. 

The Group's commitment to overseeing workplace health and safety issues also reflects into a systematic approach for monitoring trends in accidents, near misses, unsafe acts and objective conditions. Based on problem solving principles, if indicators are revealed that are not in line with the pre-set objectives or critical issues inside Brembo sites, each individual plant engages in improvement plans and actions setting up, where necessary, ad hoc working groups. Once the efficacy of the actions adopted has been verified, these are shared within the Group to allow all the plants to implement the same solutions promptly, if necessary. The value added of this process lies in continual search for improvement by involving all employees in collecting ideas and suggestions in the area of workplace health and safety.


People training on workplace health and safety​

Brembo is firmly of the belief that a safe work environment goes hand-in-hand with a continuous health and safety training. Because of this, the Group has defined general health and safety in the workplace courses in compliance with current legislation and are provided to all company personnel, with a particular focus on new employees. 

In 2021, Brembo continued to invest in training and workshops by providing online courses, in compliance with Covid-19 regulations. 

In particular, the Group has carried out training activities with the aim of keeping its employees up to date on Health and Safety issues and promoting the observance of safe behaviour. The Company also continued its commitment to raising awareness about the “10 Life Saving Behaviours” that all employees must comply with at the workplace, through periodic initiatives to spread the knowledge and implementation of said behaviours.



Brembo’s health service​

Brembo equipped its plants with a free Health Service for employees, comprised of a doctor, first aid teams and paramedical personnel. The Health Service also uses facilities external to the plant in order to look after all aspects of employees’ health in the best possible way, such as carrying out blood tests, X-rays and spirometry tests, as well as first aid in emergency situations. 

The doctors and paramedical personnel are normally present in the plants during the main shift. Some plants guarantee a continuous presence across all shifts. The first aid team is made up of suitably trained employees and covers all the work shifts. 

As well as carrying out the more institutional tasks, such as writing the health monitoring plan, the activity progress report, carrying out medical check-ups and issuing certificates of suitability to work, the Health Service also: 

participates in the assessment of risks, accidents, near misses and the identification of the relative mitigation actions, which also involves sharing the results of the monitoring activities in an anonymous form; 

visits the departments and takes part in the H&S Committees on a plant level; 

trains the First Aid teams and provides workers with support for health issues, including those not directly related to work. 

Access to the Health Service is guaranteed for employees thanks to proper activity planning during working hours and information activities designed to encourage employees to use the services provided (example through noticeboards, website, training courses). However, if employees have to visit external facilities, they will receive additional days off or be paid for the hours taken up by the medical visits (e.g. medical check-up during working hours). The Services is also available for any requests made directly by employees. 

The Plant Manager periodically monitors the activities provided for by the Health Monitoring plan to make sure they are being carried out properly. This is achieved by monitoring specific KPIs, employee interviews, ensuring that employees attend their medical check-ups or undertakings, checking and filing reports written by the Health Service. 

Brembo guarantees the confidentiality of the data managed by the Health Service, absorbing and applying legislation in the sector, including as regards contracts stipulated with external health services. Lastly, Brembo also makes it easier for employees to access healthcare services outside working hours, for example: 

private health insurance for employees and their families; 

• annual physical check-up

partial reimbursements for the use of sports centres and discounts for spas and fitness centres; 

flu vaccine

• free Covid-19 testing

• 24h medical advice and access to medical services

psychological support

• provision of eye care and physiotherapy.

Health and safety campaign in Poland ​​

During September 2021, Brembo Poland launched an awareness campaign involving everyone working at its plant, to draw their attention to important health and prevention issues and raise awareness among employees. Particular emphasis was placed on showing the most significant risks a worker may incur and the related Personal Protective Equipment necessary to prevent and limit such risks. Important information and tools were also provided to verify the health of employees in the plants. 


The pink october and blue november campaigns in brazil​

During October and November, Brembo do Brasil organises two awareness campaigns open to everyone working at its plant, to draw their attention to important health and prevention issues. October is the month dedicated to breast and womb cancer: all the women are invited to attend a lunch where these issues are discussed, and the importance of prevention and early diagnosis is emphasised. November is the month for raising awareness about prostate cancer, involving all the male workers. In addition to these meetings, the company offers women over 40 the chance to undergo breast examinations, while men are able to do a PSA test at a medical clinic partnering Brembo do Brasil. The campaigns aimed to promote healthcare and psychological support, both of which are fundamental to people’s wellbeing.



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