Workforce and diversity

A growing Group with talented People

​​​​​The human capital of the company​


The more than 10,800 people who work for Brembo every day with dedication and passion represent the company’s strategic wealth. 

Their knowledge and skills are the real competitive advantage behind the Group’s ability to innovate and pursue excellence when manufacturing all its products. ​

Growth, development and continual upgrading of the wealth of expertise are some of the pillars in Brembo’s strategy. ​

​Aware of the huge strategic value of People, Brembo works constantly to boost, on the one hand, the sense of belonging and the motivation of everyone who works for the Group and, on the other, to consolidate its image as a “best place to work”, as witnessed by the places obtained in Employer Branding-related rankings, such as the 2019 ranking drawn by Universum which saw Brembo among the first thirty italian employers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field.​


Brembo’s well-established global presence means that the company operates in very different contexts in economic and cultural terms. And it is in the Group’s nature to consider this diversity as one of its strengths. Brembo works daily to promote and enhance a culture that, since recruitment, values internal diversity, fostering an environment in which everyone’s point of view, voice, individuality and specific skills count and where everyone can not only feel an integral part of Brembo, but also contribute to the Group’s success. 

The promotion of diversity in the broader sense of the word is a priority for Brembo. This is expressed through a respect for codes and internal policies, as well as through the construction of special training paths included in the broader context of the Group’s training offer dedicated to management and employees. In fact, in order to make a concrete contribution to improving the level of awareness and understanding of this topic, the Group’s own training offer provides support and assistance to people through various types of initiatives, both ad hoc, and relating to matters of diversity in the broader context of leadership paths, with a particular focus on the roles of intermediate managers. This is without overlooking the role of individual contributors, namely every employee who, although not responsible for a team, can and indeed must contribute to maintaining work environments that encourage the promotion of diversity. 

With reference to the protection of diversity and respect for people and workers’ human rights, Brembo has formalised, in addition to the provisions set out in the Group’s Code of Ethics, the Code of Basic Working Conditions and the Policy on Non Discrimination and Diversity (both of which are available from Both documents reflect and represent the universal beliefs of the Group and the foundations of the employer-worker relationship. In detail, they confirm and establish rules of conduct regarding on the one hand child labour, forced labour and the treatment of human beings, harassment, discrimination and corruption; on the other hand regarding freedom of association and collective bargaining, the right to work, health and safety, working hours, remuneration, environment, sustainability, social commitment and relations with local communities. ​



For Brembo, being able to rely on competent trained people means having the measure of the value that each employee personally contributes to achieving the common goals. It is for this reason that the Group aims to ensure continuous professional training and development with the aim of developing a special portfolio of talent in various geographies or professional families, developing potential and expanding the skills of its employees, whilst respecting the company’s values and strategy. 

Thus the Group defined training programmes structured so as to respond to the training requirements of the entire corporate population, ensuring a differentiated and inclusive offer, designed to involve the different professional families on all levels. Employees are given access to a number of specific tools (individual or group coaching paths) as well as personal support programmes to complement the training and development offer. 

In particular, for Brembo employee training on health and safety matters constitutes an essential part of making the working environment increasingly safer. For this reason, during the year the Group promoted training initiatives with the aim of presenting the innovative features of the new Management System, conforming to ISO 45001.

The Company also continued its commitment to raising awareness about the “10 Life Saving Behaviours” that all employees must comply with at the workplace, through a training path across all major sites to spread the knowledge and implementation of said behaviours.​




Brembo Academy​

The Brembo Academy of Brembo S.p.A. was set up to promote the invaluable know-how developed by the various offices and teams in Brembo companies around the world. This authentic corporate training school, with UNI EN ISO:9001 quality certification, draws also upon the knowledge of teachers from within the company, pursuing the objective of enabling structured sharing of Brembo expertise across the Group. 

The Brembo S.p.A. Academy has been confirmed in the Lombardy Region register for operators accredited for Education and Professional Training services, and so can provide such services — also in a publicly recognised manner — as well as lifelong, permanent, qualifying and specialisation courses. Finally, 2019 saw Brembo S.p.A.’s Brembo Academy being awarded 1st place in the “Markets and Competitiveness” area for the LifeLong Learning Hub in the 5th year of the Adriano Olivetti Prize organised by AIF (Italian Trainers Association). ​

​ ​

Awards for innovative idea


Brembo values the contribution to innovation of all teams and reinforces the spirit of collaboration within the Group, by rewarding ideas that have enabled major improvements and progress to be made in different areas including quality, process or product innovation, cost reduction, increased productivity and simplified processes.​ 

TheSustainability Awards contest was established to promote ideas and projects connected to the aspects of sustainability in all areas of the company organization. There are 6 themes foreseen by the contest: these are connected to ISO 26000 and the Sustainable Development Goals: people, fair operating practices, governance, environment, business partner and community involvement and development.

Every year Brembo uses the Excellence Awards Brembo to reward the new solutions presented by Group employees. Said awards are structured as follows:

Best Idea, which promotes ideas for improvement in the production and office area;

Best Improvement Plant and Best in Class Plant, which respectively reward the plants that have produced the most significant improvements and the best performances in terms of quality, production system efficiency and human resources organisation within the plant.


The Innovation Awards recognise the best ideas relating to the following business areas: ​

- Product​;

- Systems production process;​

- Disc production process.​ ​


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