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Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cristina Bombassei, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, explains Brembo’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility
and the importance of the Sustainability Report for the Group





Dear Stakeholders,

As Brembo’s Chief CSR Officer, I am proud to present our Consolidated Disclosure of Non-Financial Information 2019, a document used by the Company to report upon its efforts in the field of social responsibility and sustainability. ​

Ever since its foundation, Brembo has operated in accordance with deep-rooted values and principles of respect for the environment and for people. It has increased its social and environmental commitment over time, so that it now forms an essential part of its business strategy. 

Over the last year, the Group’s longstanding focus on active, ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders and the context in which it works has been demonstrated through its structured exploration of the issues it deems to be the most important in terms of sustainability. 

The current materiality matrix, valid for the three-year period from 2019–2021, is in fact the result of feedback from the stakeholders themselves and is the tangible demonstration of the Group’s commitment to continuously improving the impact of all its corporate activities on the environment and the society around it.​ 

In order to boost awareness of social responsibility issues at our various facilities around the world, Brembo has developed its sustainability governance structure, appointing CSR Ambassadors and CSR Champions around the world and tasking them with spreading this culture and promoting local sustainable development activities.

​So as to spread sustainability culture within the Company and stimulate tangible activities among our employees, we have promoted the annual Brembo Sustainability Awards presented to Brembo individuals or teams all over the world who have developed tangible proposals that contribute to the Group’s development in terms of social responsibility. Brembo is also continuing to work towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified in the UN 2030 Agenda, partly through its We Support SDGs communication campaign that has been running at all its plants. Through this initiative, the Company illustrates the corporate projects that contribute to achieve the goals and describes the tangible actions that each individual can perform on a daily basis in order to achieve them. 

These activities reveal the great importance that the Company attributes to its employees, who represent a priceless legacy of experience, passion and expertise. Brembo offers them opportunities for professional development, a stimulating and gratifying work environment, and extensive ongoing training. There are currently 10,868 people contributing to the company’s development, working in 14 countries on 3 continents, in 24 plants and offices. 

In addition to focusing on its employees, the Group has also always attributed great importance to its supply chain, in the belief that progress towards more sustainable development can only be achieved if the efforts are shared. Because of this, we are also working hard to spread our sustainability culture among our suppliers. To this regard, over the years Brembo has developed a structured process that enables us to develop strategic relations with a supply chain that focuses on ongoing innovation and quality improvements, within a context of social responsibility and in keeping with fundamental issues such as human rights and protection against child labour. 

Brembo also expresses its commitment to sustainability in the R&D sector: contributing to a reduction in CO2 and fine particle emissions through our braking system is one of our priorities. Electrification, self-driving vehicles, environmental impact, connectivity and the global economy are the main guidelines that the company has been following over the years, with a particular focus on the development of so-called “lightweight discs”. 

Because of this, the market-leading role that Brembo has carved out for itself over the course of its history, thanks to the high innovation, quality and reliability of the braking systems it offers the world’s leading car manufacturers, should therefore be boosted by its capacity to develop carbon-neutral products, with the two-fold objective of supporting the transition towards sustainable mobility and significantly reducing the environmental impact of the group’s production sites. 

Decarbonisation, which is closely tied to the reduction of CO2 emissions, is a crucial issue that Brembo is working on very hard in order to develop a more sustainable industry. This commitment has been acknowledged (in 2019 once again) by the “CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project”, an independent organisation that monitors action undertaken to contain the causes of climate change, confirming Brembo’s place on the A List of excellent companies on a world level with particular reference to CO2 emissions (Climate Change) and the responsible management of water resources (Water Security). It was the only Italian company to receive this double recognition. 

From sustainability to social commitment. In 2019 too, Brembo confirmed its engagement in the development of a number of projects and initiatives to support local communities in priority areas of intervention, such as child protection, education and training, art and culture, and sport. 

Last year, we focused particularly on India, where our most important projects include the “House of Smile”, built in Pune in partnership with the NGO Cesvi and dedicated to women and children in highly vulnerable situations, and the School on Wheels project, thanks to which we supplied the local NGO Door Step School with a school bus perfectly kitted out as a classroom on wheels, for teaching children to read and write and providing them with schooling. 

In Italy we continued the SOSteniamoci project in partnership with the NGO Cesvi. This project is targeted at unaccompanied minor immigrants. The next few months will see the conclusion of a training and inclusion-in-the-workplace process for a second group of nineteen young people, following on from the positive experience of 2018. The project participants were picked on the basis of their strong motivation, their responsibility and their great desire to build a life for themselves in Italy. 

The future is already here at Brembo, as an innovative firm on a global level that sets itself increasingly ambitious objectives. Our efforts will continue to be oriented towards more sustainable mobility, developing emission-neutral products, and towards the progressive reduction in the environmental impact of all our production sites, drawing inspiration from best practices and strictly applying the most stringent standards. 

We have achieved many satisfactory results to date, but we are well aware that we have to do even more. Racing towards a more sustainable future is the only challenge we want to tackle with no brakes.



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