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Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cristina Bombassei, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, explains Brembo’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility
and the importance of the Sustainability Report for the Group





Dear Stakeholders,

It is with great pride that today I am presenting the Brembo Group’s 2018 Consolidated Disclosure of Non-Financial Information. This is a reporting tool which takes forward an important process undertaken by the Group over the past few years with the aim of offering to all of our stakeholders — which include our employees, our shareholders, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in all the territories around the world where we operate — the opportunity to know and assess the Group’s conduct, objectives and results related to social responsibility.

The Disclosure that I am presenting has not been prepared just to comply with law requirements: it also stems from our desire to assert those values and principles which guide us towards achieving a sustainable and long-lasting growth. We therefore make it our own commitment to share with you the managerial good practices that we have adopted over time to address crucial environmental and social issues related to the people who work with us and to the respect of human rights, with a view to fighting against corruption and promoting diversity, two fundamental elements for the development of both the company and the communities in which Brembo operates.
Given the constantly changing context in which we operate, often characterised by new sustainability challenges that might affect future generations, Brembo, as a global innovator, maintains a strong commitment in helping achieve the UN SDGs included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which set out the priorities for contributing towards global development, promoting human welfare and protecting the environment.

Today Brembo employs over 10,000 people in 15 countries across 3 continents, with 25 production and sales offices. Brembo has been operating as a socially responsible company since inception, always taking account of and respecting the expectations of its stakeholders and implementing sustainability and legality policies in every country where it operates. Our strategies and policies are the result of work programmes, improvement plans and methods developed over the years, as well as of a programme of strict corporate governance also regarding Sustainability.

The year 2018 witnessed some significant achievements that I am proud to summarise for you and which you will find described more in detail in the next pages.

Our People remain an invaluable asset made up of experience, passion and competence. During the last year we have increased the number of training hours provided on topics such as the environment, health, safety and compliance, clocking up a total of 240,000 hours. This achievement takes us one step further down the path towards greater personal and professional development for our people, while offering them a stimulating and gratifying work environment.

Our strong regard towards environmental protection has led to the development of a new Environmental Management System implemented across all our plants, which helped us obtain the ISO 14001:2015 certification. This great result was accompanied by additional significant achievements in the reduction of energy consumption and emission of gases into the atmosphere, as well as a more rational use of water.As proof of our commitment in this area, in 2018 Brembo was again recognised by the “Carbon Disclosure Project” as one of the world’s top green businesses: its inclusion in the “A List” was confirmed particularly in relation to CO2 emissions (Climate Change). Brembo also obtained a rating improvement from A- to A for water resources management (Water Security).

Great progress has been achieved at supply chain level through the preparation of a Supplier Code of Conduct, which governs the sustainability policies linked to the supply chain. Thus, after many years of good practices, the requirement for all suppliers to comply with the defined standards was formalised.

Brembo’s constant commitment towards product and process innovation kept thriving successfully in 2018.

More particularly, our production plants tested eight new technologies in the area of digitised manufacturing, also known in Italy as “Industry 4.0”. These solutions go from plant maintenance with augmented-reality-based remote assistance, to the training of new staff through virtual reality, as well as the continuous remote monitoring of activity levels in the production plants in the various countries where Brembo operates. Precision logistics projects are also being tested, which involve supplying production and assembly lines by means of driverless vehicles.

Projects involving the use of artificial intelligence are being implemented with the aim of optimising the lifetime of tools used for mechanical processing.The objectives of process and product innovation always feature the improved sustainability of production activities, with a decrease in specific consumption and emissions, as well as a reduction of any impact linked to the use of our products on the road.

As far as product innovation is concerned, the constant collaboration with our vehicle manufacturing clients has further enhanced Brembo’s position in terms of performance and style.

Finally, also worthy of note are Brembo’s active involvement in research projects funded within the Horizon 2020 European framework programme and, during 2018, its participation into two European consortia under EIT, one dealing with materials, the other with advanced manufacturing. Furthermore, Brembo is a founding member alongside Kilometro Rosso of the MADE National Competence Center which was created as part of the Industry 4.0 programme.

Brembo’s commitment towards corporate social responsibility finds expression also through initiatives of a social nature. Brembo, is a company with strong links within the local areas in which it operates and to which it devotes particular attention by promoting projects and initiatives like “House of Smile” and “I was a Sari” in India and “SOSteniamoci” in Italy. These activities are part of a wide-ranging programme of support for the local areas covering issues like child protection, education, training and research, but also art, culture and sports. With reference to sports, an important partnership was formed with the nursery team of an Italian premier league football club to emphasise the value of sports in educating young people.

At Brembo sustainability is not limited to past achievements, but is also focused on the challenges that will be facing us in the coming years: not only do we need to be prepared for the future of mobility, we also need to keep contributing to our society’s development in a tangible and sustainable way.



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