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Our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility​ 

Cristina Bombassei, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, explains Brembo’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of the Sustainability Report for the Group: ​



Dear Stakeholders, 

I am pleased to present the 2020 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement, the document in which the Brembo Group reports on its objectives, activities and results in the field of sustainability and social responsibility, in order to share them with you, colleagues, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities in all the territories in which it operates. 

The document has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standard) and, starting from this report, taking into consideration a number of World Economic Forum (WEF) indicators. 

In Brembo we are convinced that the dialogue with our stakeholders is an essential condition for planning and acting in every context in an informed manner. The annual materiality analysis process carried out each year is aimed at identifying the areas in which Group activities may have the greatest impact on natural ecosystems, as well as on the wellbeing of the communities, individuals and all of its stakeholders. For this reason, in 2020 we expanded the set of stakeholders involved in defining the issues included in the materiality matrix, increasing the number of customers and suppliers and introducing trade associations and insurance companies, whose contribution will help us guide our choices and improve the impacts of our activities. In this context, we care particularly about the management of ESG risks, namely those relating to sustainability issues, which must be tackled adopting an integrated and structured approach. 

This year as well, we are continuing with our commitment to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined in the UN 2030 Agenda. Brembo is taking concrete actions to achieve increasingly more responsible production, pursuing a reduction in emissions to ensure the health of the community and helping to mitigate climate change through ever more ‘green’ technological solutions. Furthermore, the purpose of the “We support SDGs” information campaign, aimed at all employees, is to make these objectives known and promote the tangible actions that each person can take to achieve them. A year after the campaign’s launch, 2020 saw the scrutiny of nine of Agenda 2030 goals, from defeating poverty to combating climate change, and the sharing of as many corporate projects. The challenge is to meet the 17 SDGs, continuously engaging in the promotion of concrete initiatives. 

Employees represent our Group’s true inestimable wealth of experience, passion and skills. To date, there are more than 11,000 people who, with their work, contribute to the Company’s development, operating in 14 countries on three continents in 19 production sites, 6 sales offices and 5 research and development centres. In a constantly changing world, Brembo offers them valuable opportunities for professional growth, as well as a stimulating and rewarding work environment and a rich and continual training offer in which we have continued to invest with determination. 

The supply chain is also a cornerstone for Brembo, not only as regards the business. We are convinced that it is only shared commitment that can lead to real progress: for this reason we are spreading the sustainability culture also amongst our suppliers who, accompanying us in the process of continual innovation and quality improvement, are required to operate in a context of social responsibility and respect essential issues such as human rights and protection against child labour, as well as specific issues such as “conflict minerals”. 

Sustainability is a way of thinking that also takes concrete shape in Research & Development and for Brembo translates into designing and producing brake systems that help reduce CO2 emissions and particulates. These are the principles that, in 2020, led to the launch of the Greentive® disc and Enesys® brake spring, solutions that help reduce consumption, increasing the vehicle’s general efficiency. In an automotive industry that is increasingly electrification-oriented, we are working on the Brake by Wire electric brake, a real revolution for road cars, and not only electric ones. 

Electrification, digitalisation and autonomous driving are the unprecedented challenges that the automotive industry is facing, as well as trends that have a significant impact on the environment. Brembo wants to lead the way in this process and in 2020 presented a new vision, Turning Energy into Inspiration, outlining a new mission — to become a Solution provider to support our customers in anticipating these macro trends, developing ever more sustainable solutions. 

There is an ambitious target on the horizon: to become carbon neutral, in other words to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2040. In five years, we have cut our total emissions by almost 45% thanks to energy efficiency projects and a constant increase in the use of renewable energy, which in some plants reaches 100% of the sources used. On the resources front, we are promoting the reduction of water consumption in production processes and the development of solutions for the reuse of water. We recycle waste materials, aiming to maximise their salvage, and we reduce the production of waste and consumption of natural and energy resources as far as possible. 

 We are proud that our commitment is acknowledged and recognised also by the international community. In fact, for the third year running the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), a global non-profit organisation that supports companies in measuring and managing climate change information, awarded Brembo the maximum rating, represented by a double A: the first company to have shown its worldwide leadership through proven, meaningful and transparent action in terms of climate change, the second as regards water resource risk management. 

From environment-friendly activities to social-oriented initiatives. 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, an unprecedented health emergency that has impacted all the activities on a global scale. In such an extraordinary situation, Brembo reacted by putting the health of its employees and their safety in the production plants first. The Group has provided practical support to local communities and supported scientific and pharmacological research against the virus. 

Even in such an uncommon year, Brembo confirmed its commitment to developing projects and initiatives in the territories where it operates, focusing on areas of intervention that it considers to be a priority, ranging from child protection to education and training, from art and culture to sport. 

In India, for example, we continue to support the Casa del Sorriso, built in Pune together with the Cesvi Foundation and dedicated to women and children in highly vulnerable situations, whilst in China the “Dream Center” was started, designed to provide quality education to children in rural areas. In Italy, the SOSteniamoci project continued, through which we support a group of unaccompanied foreign minors residing in a Community in Bergamo, helping them on their way to adulthood through training, mental health support and integration into the world of work, so they can build a dignified life in Italy. 

In 2021, Brembo celebrates its 60th anniversary: a story built on values, passion and work, written with respect for people and the environment, just as our Chairman has always taught us. 60 years filled with satisfactions, in which our Group has grown to become the international company it is today. But our nature remains one in which we always look to the future, toward sustainable mobility in an increasingly electric, digital and connected world, in which the commitment to social and environmental issues takes on an even more crucial role, to the point it becomes an integral feature of the business and its strategy.



Sustainability is not an abstract concept for Brembo, but consists in daily concrete practices, designed to balance economic decisions against an assessment of their social and environmental impact in relation to the expectations of all Group stakeholders. It’s for this reason that this topic is integrated in the new company Purpose.

Brembo Purpose

Electrification, autonomous driving, digitalisation and sustainability are macro trends that are transforming the automotive world and are at the centre of the strategies of the market’s main players. 

For Brembo, the time has come to open up new paths in the future of the industry in which it operates and support its partners in meeting the challenges posed by the great changes taking place. The Group has decided to embark on a new path, based on a strategic vision, Turning Energy into Inspiration, and a mission, to become a Solution Provider. 

Turning Energy into Inspiration is the vision that has arisen from Brembo’s unique experience in braking systems, acquired during sixty years of history lived in a competitive and ever-changing context. Becoming an authoritative Solution Provider is the mission that aims to a high added value integration of products and services so as to anticipate the new mobility paradigms. 

The path that Brembo has outlined for its future rests on three pillars: ​​

Being an increasingly digital company​

The world has entered the era of data-centric artificial intelligence applications. The ability to analyse and manage data is a crucial skill for continuing to grow and create innovation. Brembo’s new strategic vision provides for the widespread dissemination of a solid data culture within the Group. The objective is to become an innovative company that develops increasingly digital solutions.

An ever-stronger global footprint​

With 29 plants in 19 production sites, 6 sales offices and 5 R&D centres in 14 countries throughout the world, Brembo has been an international Group for some time. The globalisation process continues, with a particular focus on the company’s innovative momentum. The strategic vision’s objective is to create new centres of excellence for artificial intelligence in the main countries in which Brembo operates, to bring the Group’s innovation even closer to its customers.

Becoming a reference brand for the new generations as well​

Brembo wants to target the new generations, who look at the automotive sector from points of view that are completely different from the past. The goal is to become a reference brand for them and inspire them with the same passion that has driven the company since its beginning. Thanks to its leadership in motorsport and use of high-performance, reduced-emissions technological solutions, Brembo will always be synonymous with an unparalleled driving experience. 

Finally, at the heart of the new strategic vision there is the commitment to sustainability, a priority that Brembo has always applied to all its activities, products and processes, employees, supply chain and territories in which the Group operates, with the aim of actively contributing to the wellbeing of the planet, communities and people.




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