Codes and policies


Integrity and transparency in business conduct​​

Brembo considers that transparent, ethical and compliant conduct, under all aspects, is essential for the Company’s activities to be managed correctly. This means not only observing the current laws and regulations, but also considering the expectations and aspirations of the various stakeholders. ​


In order to promote a Group’s prevention policy, Brembo has implemented an integrated global compliance system, adopting a system of tools which apply to the entire Group, designed to ensure a high ethical standard . ​


The Code of Ethics is the mainstay of this system, but the Code must be read and interpreted together with the documents considered essential for the development and dissemination of the Group’s core values. These include the Anti-bribery Code of Conduct, the Code of Basic Working Conditions, Brembo’s Policy on non discrimination and diversity and other Codes of conduct, policies, procedures, guidelines and organizational provisions existing today. These documents meet the requirements of Legislative Decree 254/2016, which requires information to be provided on the policies implemented by the business for managing the impact of its activity in non-financial environments. ​


The Group has implemented the Whistleblowing procedure to assure that any direct communication concerning breaches or irregularities to Brembo’s Codes are reported and properly managed. The Group’s whistleblowing procedure is structured in such a way as to guarantee the confidentiality of the reporting person and of the information received, as well as the validity of such information.​


Code of E​thics:​


Expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in conducting business and corporate activities undertaken by Brembo’s collaborators and controlling companies, whether they are administrators or employees in any sense of the terms​​


Code of basic working conditions:​


It represents the commitment of Brembo to fundamental labor standards.​​


Policy on non discrimination and diversity​:​


It represents Brembo’s commitment to equal treatment without prejudice to its employees.​​


Anti-bribery code of conduct:​​


Provides all employees and collaborators with precise behavioral indications, unambiguous for the whole Group, to which they refer in their work activities in order to prevent illegal conduct​


​​M​odel according to legislative decree n° 231/2001:​


​Under italian law, it represents an organizational model adopted by a legal person or association with no legal personality, aimed at preventing the criminal liability of entities deriving from the commission or attempted commission of specific types of crime in the interest or to the advantage of the entities themselves​


Modern slavery statement​​​​:​


Annual statement, drafted according to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, that describes the measures implemented in Brembo in order to ensure that that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in in its workforce and its supply chains ​


​POLICY Health & Safety​​​​:​​



Environment & E​​​nergy policy​​​​​:​


Certificates of environmental management systems of Brembo sites in the world.​


Policy Environment & Energy​​​​​:​


Document with which the Group states its commitment to protect the environment minimising the use of non-renewable resources and keeping the use of renewable ones within the limits of their regeneration capability.​


Environment & energy certification​​​​​​:​


Certificates of environmental management systems of Brembo sites in the world.​


Supplier policy​​:​


Document that reports the commitment of Brembo to cooperate with those suppliers that share its principles about ethics, human rights, innovation, quality, health, safety, environment protection and sustainability​.​


Supplier code of conduct:​​


The Supplier Code of Conduct summarises the principles contained in Brembo’s sustainability policy, with which the Group’s suppliers are required to comply.​​


Brembo Global Tax Strategy - Strategia Fiscale di Brembo S.p.A.:​

​It defines and declines the related principles to ensure that the Company's own tax management ensures the lasting growth of the company's assets over time, the protection of the Group's reputation and the interests of the shareholders, the correct and timely determination and settlement of the taxes due by law and execution of related obligations and the containment of tax risk.​



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