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Creating opportunities for local areas ​


For more than 50 years, Brembo has contributed directly and indirectly to the economic development of the local areas and numerous communities around the world, which the Group has joined during its expansion at global level. This has stemmed from its willingness to keep strong geographical proximity to its reference markets and to its Customers’ production centres, where the vehicles and motorbikes fitted with the Group’s braking systems are manufactured. 

In particular, the Group’s expansion to the different countries in the world has always been carried out taking into account the need to support the economic, social and employment growth of the territories, as well as the responsibility towards local communities. 

In 2019, Brembo’s investment management policy continued to develop along the lines that have been followed until today, aiming to strengthen the Group’s presence both in Italy and, above all, internationally. 

Brembo’s positive effects on local communities are not just measured in terms of the investments channelled into these areas or the job opportunities that are created there. Even more important to their development is the Group’s contribution to increasing the intellectual capital of those districts. Out of the main initiatives that demonstrate Brembo’s key role in creating and promoting knowledge and innovation on a local level, the most significant are reported below: 

• The development of the innovation hub Kilometro Rosso: established on the outskirts of Bergamo, where Brembo has its roots, this district acts as a catalyst for various areas of excellence in the field of research, high-tech production and services for innovation in various sectors and areas of specialisation; 

• Accademia del Freno (Brake Academy) at the Polytechnic University: this technical and scientific advanced education initiative specialising in braking systems seeks to complement the academic curriculum of Milan Polytechnic’s engineering student; 

• The support to local technological. ​


Social and cultural development of local communities ​

Furthermore, the Group to provide tangible support to numerous projects and initiatives in favour of local communities in the areas of greatest social needs. 

In order to guarantee structured and strategic management of philanthropic initiatives, the Group set up a central Social and Cultural Sponsorships and Donations Committee. This body periodically brings together the Heads of the main corporate functions, in order to define criteria, guidelines and priorities on which to focus sponsorships and donations in the social and cultural arena, establish the annual budget set aside for these activities, evaluate projects and initiatives to support, as well as monitor the compliance and efficacy of the projects being promoted. 

In 2019, the Brembo Group confirmed its commitment to developing various social projects and initiatives in support of local communities. In particular, during the year the Group supported initiatives in five areas of intervention viewed as priorities by Brembo: 

► Social issues and safeguarding children. Within this area, Brembo makes an annual contribution to the “Giocamico” project at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. Giocamico comprises a psychological support for young patients through a fun activity that prepares them for surgery and diagnostic investigations. Children can therefore find out about what will happen to them in a fun manner; the operating theatre becomes a space ship, the operation an adventurous journey. 

► Education, training and research. In keeping with its nature as a company with a strong vocation for innovation, Brembo supports scientific research projects in various fields of application, as well as various initiatives linked to education and training for young people. In particular, the Group renewed its support for and collaboration with FROM, the Research Foundation of Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, set up in 2008 to allow hospital workers to play an active role in national and international medical research, and with the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute, one of the largest centres of biomedical and pharmacological research in Italy. 

► Art and culture. Brembo has always sought to promote the artistic and cultural heritage of the areas in which it operates, as well as Italian culture around the world. Within this field, in 2019 the Group confirmed its support to the Fondazione Accademia Carrara in Bergamo through its sponsorship of the exhibition dedicated to Mantegna from April to July 2019. The traditional collaboration with the Brescia and Bergamo International Piano Festival — one of the most important cultural events in the Bergamo area. 

► Sport. Brembo believes strongly in the importance of sports as an educational teambuilding element for young people. Because of this, it has sponsored a local female volleyball team, the “Brembo Volley Team”, since 2003. 

► Brembo’s worldwide social projects. With respect to this latter area of intervention, which conveys the Group’s desire to play an active role in the most urgent international contexts and situations, four projects — three in India, the other one in Italy — were particularly significant in the 2016-2019 period and saw Brembo acting as the direct promoter of initiatives, developed through the active search for partnerships with non-profit organisations: ​

Houses of Smiles​

As a result of the collaboration between Brembo and CESVI, an NGO involved in supporting development and combating poverty, the House of Smile was inaugurated in 2017 in Pune, India. The Houses of Smile project aims to support highly vulnerable women and children and consists of a service centre within a brickwork building in Bidwedi, and three education centres for children in poor areas on the outskirts. Swadhar, the local NGO, operates within the service and education centre hub, coordinating the psychological support, legal guidance, healthcare and career assistance services for women and the support services for young mothers. Swadhar also promotes activities for children between the ages of 3 and adolescence in favour of education and children protection. In addition to this, Brembo continued its support for the CESVI Houses of Smile in Tamil Nadu, also in India, where, with the Group’s contribution, maintenance and extension work have been carried out on the existing structures and more extensive services have been provided.​


I was a Sari. ​

The Sari is the traditional dress for Indian women that has passed down through the centuries in local culture and “I was a Sari” is one of the social projects supported by Brembo since 2015. It is a social enterprise based in Mumbai, founded by an Italian entrepreneur with the aim of improving the lives of Indian women from the most disadvantaged social and economic classes. The women of “I was a Sari” create hand-crafted fashion accessories — necklaces, bracelets, purses, shawls — using recycled Sari fabrics or premium textiles at the new Mumbai logistics centre. Awash in the unique colours of the fabrics, women select items, perform quality control, cut the saris and create fashion items. The Indian women are thus taught specialist tailoring skills and guaranteed a dignified regular wage, which provides them with precious independence.​


School on Wheels

Thanks to this project, the local NGO Door Step School received a school bus fitted out to serve as a full-fledged mobile classroom, including educational materials, chalkboards, computers, monitors and audio-visual materials, to allow the educators from the NGO to provide literary and basic education to a total of approximately 200 children. The bus is also used as a mobile reading room for children from Pune’s slum communities. This is why it stops in certain areas for two hours to be available to those who wish to make use of the service. It is an initiative that is also very useful for children who already know how to read but do not have access to books.​



According to the most recent data from the Ministry of the Interior, there are currently around 7,000 unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy. Lombardy is home to 12.3% of them. In particular, Bergamo hosts approximately 60 minors in its shelters. Driven by an awareness of current trends, Brembo has decided to renew its support for the NGO Cesvi by funding the second edition of SOSteniamoci. SOSteniamoci is a project launched in 2016 by Cesvi in collaboration with Brembo and the Minors and Family Service of Bergamo District 1 to help the community’s young unaccompanied foreign minors to achieve their life goals and make their dreams a reality. The 19 young participants in the second edition of SOSteniamoci, selected for their strong motivation, responsibility and desire to build a life for themselves in Italy, are not only supported from a psychological standpoint, but also guided to improve their capacities through ad hoc training programmes designed for their aptitudes and aspirations.​



​In addition to social interest activities carried out with NGO’s worldwide, Brembo supports projects and initiatives with a strong impact on communities:​


In 2019 Brembo Italia participated in the initiative ‘We4Youth’ promoted by the Sodalitas Foundation for the creation in Italy of a National Action Plan capable of contributing to the results of the European Pact for Youth. In accordance with the European Commission’s political initiatives relating to education and employability of young people, the Plan pursues the objective of bridging the gap between academe and the working world, while also contributing to forming a skillset useful in helping young people enter the workplace.​

The partnership with the Atalanta Youth Team. ​ 

Since 2017, Brembo has been sponsoring the Atalanta Youth Team, in keeping with its commitment to supporting local areas of excellence and with a view to sharing important values for both the world of sport and the world of business, such as team spirit and sacrifice, the quest for ongoing improvement, fair play and a love of challenges. ​



For any further information concerning Brembo’s commitment about social and cultural development of the local areas where it operates and to propose initiatives or projects, please do not hesitate to write us:​ .​

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