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Creating opportunities for local areas​


After the 2020 slowdown due to the lockdowns implemented in various countries to combat the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 Brembo’s investment management policy continued in line with the guidelines followed to date, with the aim of strengthening the Group’s presence not only in Italy, but also internationally

Brembo — which represents a reliable partner for many businesses in the supply industry, with which they can develop partnerships and grow over time — has contributed to strengthening the entrepreneurial fabric in its value chain, creating a network of satellite companies that guarantees additional employment and technological development. 

The value generated and distributed by the Group had a particularly significant positive impact in those areas characterised by levels of industrialisation and wealth distribution below the national average.

Contribution to developing the local intellectual capital​

Investments and work opportunities created in local communities are not the only positive effects generated by Brembo in the areas in question. Indeed, the Group deems it even more important to foster the growth of the districts’ intellectualcapital by offering its “know-how” as a resource for promoting local development through training and partnerships with various research and education institutions

Out of the main initiatives that demonstrate Brembo’s key role in creating and promoting knowledge and innovation on a local level, the most significant are reported below: 

The development of the innovation hub Kilometro Rosso, established on the outskirts of Bergamo, where Brembo has its roots, this district acts as a catalyst for various areas of excellence in the field of research, high-tech production and services for innovation in various sectors and areas of specialisation. 

Accademia del Freno (Brake Academy) at the Polytechnic University, a technical and scientific advanced education initiative specialising in braking systems seeks to complement the academic curriculum of Milan Polytechnic’s engineering students. 

The support to local technological institutions, important for Brembo to develop a relationship with future generations from secondary schools onwards, so as to guide and introduce the best talents to the mechanics industry.


Social and cultural develo​pment of local communities

Over the years, Brembo has established close ties to the local areas where it is present, paying attention to the needs they express, and defining a path of joint development and growth, which leads the Group to provide tangible support to numerous projects and initiatives in favour of local communities in the areas of greatest social needs

In order to guarantee structured and strategic management of social initiatives, the Group set up a central Social and Cultural Sponsorships and Donations Committee. This body periodically brings together the Heads of the main corporate functions, in order to define criteria, guidelines and priorities on which to focus sponsorships and donations in the social and cultural arena, establish the annual budget set aside for these activities, evaluate projects and initiatives to support, as well as monitor the compliance and efficacy of the projects being promoted. 

In particular, in 2021 the Group supported initiatives in six areas of intervention viewed as priorities by Brembo: 

• Social area and children protection 

• Education, training and research 

• Art and culture 

• Sport 

• Environment and sustainability 

​• Brembo's social projects worldwide ​​

Brembo4Earth - The Brembo Forest​ 

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its foundation, Brembo has decided to donate a tree to all the people of the Group, thus giving life to the first Brembo Forest in the world. All Brembo People around the world have received a postcard with a unique code that allows them to "adopt" a forest tree. Each tree is geolocated and it is possible to know its characteristics and meaning, personalise it with a name, follow the story of those who take care of it and much more. All online from the Treedom platform. On the environmental front, the initiative reduces the destructive pressure on primary forests, protects biodiversity and soil fertility and counteracts soil erosion. The social benefits that stand out include the strengthening of local communities through the training and transmission of skills for the care of trees to local farmers, the creation of positive synergies between communities and the increase in available food resources.


Muse - The Sustainability Gallery  

Brembo is the main sponsor of the Muse Sustainability Gallery, Trento Science Museum, inaugurated on 4 October 2021. The Muse is one of the main Italian exhibition centres that also participates in the scientific debate on the major issues of sustainable development and respect for the environment. 

Inside the Sustainability Gallery, a special area called Goal Zero contains virtuous sustainability and production experiences that run through new business models: eight entrepreneurial stories, eight companies that operate concretely in the field of sustainability. 

Brembo's exhibition at the Muse Sustainability Gallery in Trento talks about the use of recycled ferrous materials for the production of the Company's brake discs, a fundamental component of a car's braking system and its safety. ​


Houses of Smile  

As a result of the collaboration between Brembo and Foundation CESVI, an NGO, founded in Bergamo in 1985, involved in supporting development and combating poverty, the House of Smile was inaugurated in 2017 in Pune, India. The project aims to support highly vulnerable women and children and consists of a service centre within a building located in Bibwedi and three education centres for children in poor areas on the outskirts of Pune. Swadhar, the local NGO, operates within the service and education centre hub, coordinating the psychological support, legal guidance, healthcare and career assistance services for women and the support services for young mothers. Swadhar also promotes activities for children between the ages of 3 and adolescence in favour of education and children protection. A fundamental part in the development of this important project is played by the active participation of the Brembo Brake India local team which, even throughout the Covid-19 health emergency, has kept up an open and ongoing dialogue with the managers of the Swadhar Association in order to support the women and families of the young people who benefit from the services of the House of Smiles. ​​


I was a Sari 

“I was a Sari” — one of the projects that Brembo has been supporting since 2015 — is a social enterprise based in Mumbai, founded by an Italian entrepreneur with the aim of improving the lives of Indian women from the most disadvantaged social and economic classes. 

The Sari is the traditional dress for Indian women that has passed down through the centuries in local culture. 

The women involved in this project create hand-crafted fashion accessories — necklaces, bracelets, purses, shawls — using recycled Sari fabrics or premium textiles. The Indian women are thus taught specialist tailoring skills and guaranteed a dignified regular wage, which provides them with precious independence. 

Brembo’s contribution has made it possible to transform a social project for women’s empowerment into an independent “social business”.


School on Wheels 

In 2019, Brembo inaugurated in India the project "School on Wheels", by delivering to the local NGO Door Step School a school bus fitted out to serve as a full-fledged mobile classroom, including educational materials, chalkboards, computers, monitors and audio-visual materials, to allow the educators from the NGO to provide literary and basic education to hundreds of children. 

The bus is also used as a mobile reading room for children from Pune’s outskirts. This is why the school bus stops in certain areas for two hours to be available to those who wish to make use of the service. It is an initiative that is also very useful for children who already know how to read but do not have access to books.


Dream Center 

Within the socioeconomic context of rural China, it is difficult for the 61 million children in the underdeveloped regions to access quality education, and also for the 36 million children of migrant workers. The “Dream Center” project developed by the local NGO ADream not only provides for the structural redevelopment of certain schools in marginalised areas, but also education programmes for teachers and the creation of an innovative education programme designed to stimulate the skills and aspirations of every single student, sometimes through the use of multimedia classrooms. 

Alongside Brembo China, there has also been significant engagement with the project among Brembo’s collaborators in Nanjing who, through online donations to the “Tencent 99 Giving Day”, a national fundraising programme organised by one of China’s main Internet providers, have contributed to the purchase of educational material for the centres. 

Quality education also means reducing the educational divide between the cities and the rural areas, supporting education as a tool for creating opportunities and believing in the potential for change, while respecting the diversity and personality of every individual, without leaving anyone behind.


SOSteniamoci is a development, progress and sharing programme that was created in 2016 to help the Bergamo’s young unaccompanied foreign minors to achieve their life goals and lead them — through a job induction programme — towards social integration and economic independence. 

The young people involved are selected based on their motivation to build a life in Italy and later to be able to rejoin their family. Their attitudinal and personal characteristics are evaluated through a balance of skills that determines the paths to be taken within the project. All participants have signed a “pact of educational Responsibility”, in which they undertake to complete the two-year course on a reliable and committed basis.


The partnership with the Atalanta Youth Team 

Brembo supports the social role of professional and competitive sport and shares educational and cultural values with Atalanta, which will allow young people to become professionals in work and life: loyalty, team spirit, sacrifice, training, merit, a love of challenges, support for talent and constant improvement, all of which also have something in common with academic education. 

The best athletes are identified by a group of technical experts on the basis of criteria that consider not only strictly sporting aspects, but also educational results and fair play. 

Brembo also supports the “School at the Stadium” project, a social and educational programme for students that aims to educate young people in sticking to the rules, fair play and preventing episodes of discrimination. 

Lastly, the partnership also includes Brembo’s support for the organisation of summer Football Camps held by Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio football team for children aged 7–14, which attract large numbers of participants every year. ​



As of 2014 Brembo makes an annual contribution to the Giocamico project at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. Giocamico comprises a psychological support for young patients through a fun activity that prepares them for surgery and diagnostic investigations and is available in all paediatric wards of the hospital. 

Children can therefore face what will happen to them in a fun manner; the operating theatre becomes a space ship and the operation an adventurous journey. Thanks to the use of sounds, images and simulations, they are not just told about their treatment, but actually experience it. 

In the context of the pandemic, the Giocamico project has taken on a valuable role, becoming even more of an element of support for families. A project that accompanies and provides supports in the approach to care and the network of caregivers, providing at the same time a bridge between "an inside and an outside", which have never been so distant as in this historic period. 

In January 2021, the new room set up for paediatric patients accessing the Neuroradiology Un​it to perform magnetic resonance imaging without using general anaesthesia was also inaugurated. This space contains a model machine that can support the child in the simulation of the procedure, set up in an environment designed to recall elements of fantasy that can help young patients approach the examination in a positive way. ​


FROM and Mario Negri Institute​

In keeping with its nature as a company with a strong vocation for innovation, Brembo supports scientific research projects in various fields of application, as well as various initiatives linked to education and training for young people. In particular, the Group supports FROM, the Research Foundation of Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, set up in 2008 to allow hospital workers to play an active role in national and international medical research, and with the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute, one of the largest centres of biomedical and pharmacological research in Italy.​

Brembo supports research to fight Covid-19

In 2021, Brembo decided to continue to support scientific research to combat Covid-19, a commitment that will continue in 2022 as well. Brembo's donation to three leading Bergamo institutions — Pope John XXIII Hospital, the Bergamo Hospital Research Foundation (FROM) and the Mario Negri Institute — which stood out in fighting against Coronavirus in one among the areas most severely affected by the pandemic, allowed to finance over 20 research projects conducted jointly by the three beneficiaries. Brembo's contribution has allowed a new way of contributing to scientific research by combining clinical and pharmacological research with the aim of: reducing hospitalisation following contraction of the virus, reducing its severity and unfavourable outcomes, studying the medium-term impacts after healing and proposing treatments also for the permanent and semi-permanent effects of the infection on different organs. The results of the funded research projects have been published in the most prestigious scientific and medical journals worldwide. The results achieved by the mixed groups, those formed by scientists and technical staff belonging to all three institutions, were also positive. For a Group like Brembo that has innovation and research in the chromosomes of its DNA, it was natural to support the Project. Research is Brembo's way of doing business, as it believes it to be the only viable way of finding an effective solution also to such a difficult situation on a global scale. ​ ​​


​Bergamo Science Festival


BergamoScienza is the first scientific popularisation festival established in Italy that every autumn transforms the city into a national stage and not only of science, inviting to the discussion the most representative voices in the world, including, to date, as many as 31 Nobel Laureates. 

Brembo was Gold Sponsor of the 19th edition of the Festival and hosted one of the virtual tours "Science in the company". 

The tour covered some of the interior spaces of the Kilometro Rosso headquarters, showed the Company's products and talked about the innovations introduced in 60 years of Brembo history, looking at the challenges that await it in the future.


For any further information concerning Brembo’s commitment about social and cultural development of the local areas where it operates and to propose initiatives or projects, please do not hesitate to write us: .​

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