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Our Group​


Brembo Group, a global leader and recognised innovator in brake disc technology for vehicles, currently operates in 15 countries in 3 continents, with a staff of over 12,000. ​


The Brembo brand keeps winning prestigious accolades cementing its reputation as one of the best-liked, most prestigious and most recognised brands both in Italy and abroad.​


The transport sector has to tackle the challenges posed by climate change and air pollution. Through its Research and Development activity, Brembo monitors the continuous evolution of the sector, directing research into the best braking system toward solutions able to meet the challenges of the future such as electrification, autonomous driving and digitalisation.


Human capital represents the most important strategic heritage for Brembo, which firmly believes that the knowledge and skills of each and every one constitute the real competitive advantage behind the Group’s ability to innovate and pursue excellence when manufacturing all its objectives.


After the 2020 slowdown due to the lockdowns implemented in various countries to combat the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 Brembo’s investment management policy continued in line with the guidelines followed to date, with the aim of strengthening the Group’s presence not only in Italy, but also internationally.


Brembo's reference market is represented by the most important manufacturers of cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and racing cars and motorbikes. Overall in 2021, Brembo’s consolidated net sales amounted to €2,778 million, with a 26% increase compared to €2,209 million in 2020.




The Sustainable Development Goal 4 has the aim to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.​


The Sustainable Development Goal 6 has the aim to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.​


The Sustainable Development Goal 8 has the aim to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.​


The Sustainable Development Goal 9 has the aim to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.​


The Sustainable Development Goal 12 has the aim to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.​


The Sustainable Development Goal 13 has the aim to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.​


Organisational Structure​


​Special training schemes for the Group staff are also provided to ensure compliance with and adherence to the principles of the Code of Ethics, the Anti-bribery Code of Conduct, the Antitrust compliance programme and the 231 Model.


The Board of Directors’ Diversity Policies and Criteria aim at ensuring the appointment of Board members who have an optimal combination of skills and professional background and form the diversity policies for the administrative body’s composition not only with regard to gender, but also experience, professionalism, age and other relevant aspects.


The ARSC has the task of supporting the Board of Directors’ decisions and assessments regarding the Internal Control and Risk Management System and the sustainability aspects related to Brembo’s activity and the dynamics of its interactions with all stakeholders.​


The Board of Directors is also tasked with ensuring sustainable growth in the medium-to-long term through an adequate control and risk management system, including ESG risks having an impact on sustainability.​


As the world moves rapidly in a direction where products and services are becoming "smarter" and technologies like artificial intelligence will become the new normal, the Group complies with industry security standards and is ISO 27001 certified.


​Our People​


The more than 12,000 people who work for Brembo every day with dedication and passion represent the company’s strategic wealth. Their knowledge and skills are the real competitive advantage behind the Group’s ability to innovate and pursue excellence when manufacturing all its objectives.


The Group's people and their skills are the main pillar for the deployment of the company strategy. The strengthening of skills and the promotion of talent are the primary levers of people development and an enabling factor for the strategy that can anticipate and satisfy the demands of the business and create an identity culture for the Group.


For Brembo safety does not mean just ensuring its braking systems’ reliability; it is also about promoting the value of safety across all its manufacturing sites. A principle that is reiterated through organised management of workplace health and safety aspects, capable of meeting the needs of all interested parties.


Our Supply Chain


The Group relies on the contribution of more than 6,700 businesses located in more than 15 countries throughout the world to carry out its own activities. These provide essential goods and services for Brembo’s industrial processes.


Brembo pursues a strategy of international development centred upon the local area and the commitment to establish stable relations with local communities.​


Over the years the Group has defined a structured process for managing suppliers that allows Brembo to develop strategic relations with a supply chain focused on continual innovation, quality improvement and sustainability.


​​​Production Process


Brembo’s capacity to innovate and exploit its own expertise as a strategic lever for maintaining its technological and commercial leadership at global level can also be gauged by the patents filed by the Group over time.​


Brembo’s capacity to achieve significant results in all areas where the Group is committed to product and process innovation is the result of people involvement and more than 20 years of rening the Brembo Project Development System methodology.​


To ensure maximum safety and quality of its products, Brembo adopts a preventive and proactive approach enabling the company to anticipate any problems and criticalities along the entire production cycle and take preventive correction measures.




The Group seeks energy efficiency and rational use of energy in its own production processes. These activities are fundamental for achieving the targets that Brembo has set itself regarding the reduction in CO2 emissions in all the production plants.​

This result in reducing emissions of CO2 was achieved thanks to energy efficiency-boosting projects and to the implementation of renewable energy solutions.​


When choosing energy sources, Brembo favours renewable energy sources over fossil fuels, by also increasing its self-production capacity, including through the installation of photovoltaic panels.


Brembo has developed and maintains an up-to-date Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 standard. The Group voluntarily submits its system for periodical assessments by independent third-party organisations to ensure its full compliance with international standards.​


Local Areas


Brembo has contributed to strengthening the entrepreneurial fabric in its value chain, creating a network of satellite companies that guarantees additional employment and technological development. In fact, in 2021, much of the wealth distributed by Brembo went towards remunerating and supporting the system of businesses in the supply chains.


In 2021, All Brembo People around the world have received a postcard with a unique code that allows them to "adopt" a forest tree. Each tree is geolocated and it is possible to know its characteristics and meaning, personalise it with a name, follow the story of those who take care of it and much more. All online from the Treedom platform.


Over the years, Brembo has established close ties to the local areas where it is present, paying attention to the needs they express, and defining a path of joint development and growth, which leads the Group to provide tangible support to numerous projects and initiatives in favour of local communities.​


In 2021, Brembo decided to continue to support scientific research to combat Covid-19, a commitment that will continue in 2022 as well. Brembo's donation to three leading Bergamo institutions allowed to finance over 20 research projects conducted jointly by the three beneficiaries.




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