Sustainability highlights


Il Gruppo


Brembo Group, a global leader and recognised innovator in brake disc technology for vehicles, currently operates in 15 countries in 3 continents, with a staff of over 13,000.​


The Brembo brand keeps winning prestigious accolades cementing its reputation as one of the best-liked, most prestigious and most recognised brands both in Italy and abroad.


Companies are increasingly called upon to respond comprehensively to the challenges of climate change and air pollution, especially in a complex sector like the automotive sector. Research and Development thus focuses on product solutions that, from the design stage, take into account the requirements of a market geared towards electrification and automation, as well as the need for sustainability throughout the product life cycle.


People are the key element of Brembo's success, its most precious strategic asset that allows the Group to innovate and achieve increasingly challenging goals. Brembo pays particular attention to human capital, strongly believing that it is people’s knowledge and skills that determine the real competitive advantage that is useful for anticipating and overcoming challenges in an evolving, complex and strongly dynamic context, influenced by the digital and the technological innovation.


In 2023, Brembo’s investment management policy continued in line with the guidelines followed to date, with the aim of strengthening the Group’s presence not only in Italy, but also internationally. Group's total net investments undertaken in 2023 at all operations amounted to €412,159 thousand.


Brembo's reference market is represented by the most important manufacturers of cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and racing cars and motorbikes. Overall in 2023, Brembo’s consolidated net sales amounted to €3,849 million, with a 6.1% increase compared to €3,629 million in 2022.




CSR Ambassador and CSR Champion positions were created in 2019 to raise awareness of sustainability at the various Brembo plants worldwide and to establish a direct, active communications channel. CSR Ambassadors operate at the level of the region/legal entity.


CSR Champions assist CSR Ambassador, operate at the site level and report the information to the appropriate CSR Ambassador.


Brembo Sustainability Awards is an employee contest that rewards the best ideas and projects on sustainable development issues in all areas of the corporate organization.


To bring the Group’s growth into line with that of the Countries in which its production sites are located, Brembo continues to pursue its Sustainability Plan: “Turning Sustainability into Action”.


Organisational Structure


Special training schemes for the Group staff are also provided to ensure compliance with and adherence to the principles of the Code of Ethics, the Anti-bribery Code of Conduct, the Antitrust compliance programme and the 231 Model.​


The Board of Directors’ Diversity Policies and Criteria aim at ensuring the appointment of Board members who have an optimal combination of skills and professional background and form the diversity policies for the Governing Body’s composition not only with regard to gender, but also experience, professionalism, integrity, independence, age and other relevant aspects, as provided for by applicable laws, regulations, and the By-laws.


The ARSC has the task of supporting the Board of Directors’ decisions and assessments regarding the Internal Control and Risk Management System and the sustainability aspects related to Brembo’s activity and the dynamics of its interactions with all stakeholders.

The Board of Directors is tasked with ensuring sustainable growth in the medium-to-long term through an adequate control and risk management system, including ESG risks having an impact on sustainability.


The Group’s commitment to adhering to industry standards on information security continues to grow. As a proof of this, in 2023 for 100% of our sites subject to audits aimed at obtaining the ISO 27001 certification, the certification was confirmed. In particular, in 2023 it was obtained at 100% of sites in China — one of the most important regions for Brembo's business.


Our People​​​


In 2023 more than 13,000 employees work for Brembo every day with dedication and passion. Brembo People are over 15,000. Aware of the strategic value of each of them, Brembo works every day both to boost the sense of belonging and the motivation and to consolidate its image as a “best place to work”.

In 2023, Brembo confirmed its commitment to continuing with important investment in the training offer and launching various training initiatives with an increasingly inclusive and global approach in favour of transversal enrichment and greater collaboration between Group Companies’ employees and instrumental to the achievement of the strategic objectives.


Brembo has made the protection of Safety a distinctive element of its own business and way of being, guaranteeing braking systems of the highest quality. This focus on Health and Safety is not only directed to assuring safe products, but it also applies to all People in the Group.


Our Supply Chain​​

The Group relies on the contribution of more than 6,900 businesses located in more than 15 countries throughout the world to carry out its own activities. These provide essential goods and services for Brembo’s industrial processes. For its production, Brembo needs to access high quality raw materials with sustainable costs, whilst being mindful of the environment.


For Brembo, supply chain management is a priority and is essential to ensuring responsible supplies, with a focus on environmental protection and the rights of workers and local communities. For this reason, the Group asks for its model of conduct to be shared and applied also by its supply chain.


Production Process​

Brembo’s capacity to innovate and exploit its own expertise as a strategic lever for maintaining its technological and commercial leadership at global level can also be gauged by the patents filed by the Group over time.​

Brembo’s ability to achieve significant results in all the areas in which the Group is committed to product and process innovation stems from the work of employees involvement and more than 20 years of refining the Brembo Project Development System methodology.

To ensure maximum safety and quality of its products, Brembo adopts a preventive and proactive approach enabling the company to anticipate any problems and criticalities along the entire production cycle and take preventive correction measures.



Brembo’s greenhouse gas emissions are chiefly connected with the functioning of production facilities. It is for this reason that environment-related actions aim, on the one hand, at reducing atmospheric emissions through an increased process efficiency, on the other, at gradually increasing the use of electrical energy from renewable sources.


In keeping with the last year, 2023 as well was characterised by the constant increase in requests from all stakeholders for information on environmental impacts. These stakeholders include customers, with many of whom joint activities have been launched to identify solutions that can reduce environmental impact, first and foremost the impact of climate change.


When choosing energy sources, Brembo favours renewable energy sources over fossil fuels, on the one hand by pursuing in 2023 as well the Group’s commitment relating to renewable energy purchases, on the other by increasing its self-production capacity, including through the installation of photovoltaic panels. The energy quota from renewable sources which the Group procured rose from 69% in 2022 to 75% in 2023.



In light of the climate-related scenario of the last years, the regulatory pressure and the growing interest from stakeholders — communities, governments, customers, investors — towards the environmental and sustainability-related performance, Brembo has developed and maintains an up-to-date Environmental Management System compliant with the ISO 14001:2015 standard in order to maintain an optimal management of all the aspects relating to its environmental impacts.


Since 2019 the Management System has also incorporated the requirements of standard ISO 50001: 2018 relating to energy management. In 2023, 52% of the plants were certified according to the ISO 50001 standard.


Local Areas​​

In 2023 much of the economic value distributed by Brembo went towards remunerating and supporting the system of businesses in the supply chains: overall, the Group made purchases worth over €2,590 million. More than €681 million was distributed to Brembo personnel in the form of salaries, variable remuneration and social security contributions.


Over the years, the Group has developed a wide and growing programme of projects and initiatives to involve and support local communities, with the aim of bringing concrete support to areas of greatest social need. These projects are conceived and developed in collaboration with the non-profit sector and local institutions, and are focused on the following action areas: education, training and research, environment and sustainability, sport, art and culture, social and child protection, Brembo social projects around the world.


In 2017 Brembo implemented the “House of Smile” project in collaboration with the Foundation CESVI. With over 5,000 unique beneficiaries reached since its launch, 3 education centres and 1 service centre, the project is implemented in the difficult context of the outskirts of Pune, providing support to highly vulnerable women and children.