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It is claimed by the world’s scientific community that one of the main contributors to the emissions of climate-altering substances lies with CO2 emissions due to electrical energy production. 

Brembo is operating on the front line in the battle against global warming, making a commitment to reduce its impact caused by the use of electricity. In order to reinforce this commitment, in keeping with that set out in its Environment and Energy Policy, the Group has provided itself with an Energy Management System compliant with ISO 50001. When choosing energy sources, it always favours renewable energy over fossil fuels, and is working towards this through the installation of photovoltaic panels, thereby progressively reducing its energy consumption and achieving both a reduction in transformation costs and a reduction in its emissions of climate-altering substances. 

The Group's commitment to purchase renewable energy also continued. In particular, the Green energy quota which the Group procured during 2020 rose during the year from 30% in 2019 to 43%. 

The energy consumption optimisation measures have produced major savings and reduced costs significantly, both in the Group’s older plants built with previous-generation technology, and in the more recently constructed plants which, built with high energy efficiency, cutting-edge technologies, have focused on the management procedures connected with electricity use in both general technical and processing systems. Overall the measures implemented in 2020 in the various production hubs have reduced energy consumption by 98,009 GJ, equivalent to 14,821 tonnes of emissions of CO2eq. ​


Overall in 2020 Brembo consumed around 4.2 million GJ, down 8% compared to 2019. The reduction in consumption is due to two main aspects: the energy efficiency projects that have contributed by more than 98,000 GJ and the production shutdowns at the various plants due to the pandemic. 

This consumption is predominantly in the form of electrical energy (which continues to account for approx. 72% of total energy consumption) equivalent to more than 3,000,000 GJ, primarily used by the cast iron melting furnaces and secondarily by the mechanical processing systems and compressed air production systems used in the production processes. Methane gas consumption, primarily in the aluminium melting processes, is equivalent to more than 909,000 GJ. ​



​Brembo Energy Platform

In 2018, Brembo launched a project to permanently monitor the energy consumption of every facility, every department, and where consumption levels are significant, even production machinery. 

With the extension of the Brembo Energy Platform for monitoring consumption almost completed, the final four plants will be linked up by the first quarter of 2021 and the electrical energy consumption data is now available to technicians at each factory. They have been asked to process and analyse it to identify potential areas for improvement and reduction. 

In addition to the electricity consumption data, the platform is also designed to monitor the consumption of other resources, such as gas, compressed air and water. The infrastructure of measuring devices is being adapted to make it possible to monitor them, ultimately making it possible to effectively transfer the data from the field to the platform for subsequent processing and action. An additional benefit provided by this tool is the support offered to the ISO 50001-compliant energy management system, implemented and incorporated within the Group’s environmental management system in 2019. 

An intense training programme was launched in 2020 for all the platform’s users around the world. ​



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