World Environment Day around the world and at Brembo


 Today is World Environment Day. Brembo takes time to reflect on related issues and remind everyone that it is up to us to protect the planet.


World Environment Day was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated every year on June 5 with the aim of steering people, nations, and industries towards operating models that are increasingly respectful of the environment. ​

Protecting the ecosystem we live in is part of the plan of action set out in the UN 2030 Agenda, which Brembo has decided to support in a tangible way by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in light of the Company's role as a leading innovator worldwide.​​


The 2019 World Environment Day focus is “Beat Air Pollution”, which is a follow up to last year's theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Brembo plans to celebrate the 2019 World Environment Day at its Global Environment and Energy Meeting, where all the Group's Environment Directors will delve deeper into the relevant issues, discussing the initiatives currently under way and those that are soon to be implemented. Following the successful 2018 Meeting, this edition will be even richer given the participation of industry experts from outside the Company, including representatives of select Brembo customers and leaders in the scientific and academic realms. Today, June 5, Brembo has the advantage of hearing a privileged point of view that will help guide the Company on its path towards a business that is more and more environmentally sustainable.​

The fight against air pollution is a subject that Brembo focuses heavily on, not only to ensure that the Company complies with the limits imposed by local legislation, but also to single out innovative and more efficient abatement systems. Brembo has demonstrated its commitment to this issue by installing a BioFiltration plant at its Mapello cast iron foundry, which effectively abates emissions from organic substances, including odorous ones.​

Protecting the environment however is not a subject that pertains solely to the experts. Today is an opportunity for every one of us to better understand how safeguarding the environment is affected by what we do on a daily basis.​

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