Greenhouse gas emissions ​


The CO2eq emissions generated by Brembo’s production activities in 2019 amounted to slightly more than 1,470,000 tons (scope 1+2+3).

The emissions result is significantly higher than in previous years because scope 3 now includes the new category “Purchased Goods and Services” (emissions generated by suppliers to provide materials and/or services for Brembo), the value of which is approximately 550,000 tCO2eq. 

During the year, a panel of 50 suppliers, representing approximately 33% of total spending and 53% of sales by relevant suppliers, were asked to provide some data useful to determining the impact in terms of CO2, such as energy consumption, which were used to calculate the panel’s emissions and reproportioned to total spending. Said activity met a twofold objective. 

On the one hand, the total result of the emissions measured was included in the reporting of Brembo’s CO2eq emissions, while on the other, in order to raise awareness among the supply chain of its carbon footprint, in view of constantly improvement in the approach to managing environmental issues throughout the entire value chain, Brembo returned sheets with the results of the analysis performed to each of the suppliers involved. ​

Despite this, in 2015, which is considered the benchmark year for the monitoring of emissions improvements, emissions amounted to about 440,000 tons of CO2eq (scope 1+2). In a like-for-like comparison with 2015, over the last year a total of 356,000 tons of CO2eq were produced, marking a reduction of almost 20%. This result was achieved thanks to energy efficiency boosting projects totalling 13,496 tons of CO2eq and to the implementation of renewable energy solutions equal to 155,000 tons of CO2eq.​

Furthermore, Brembo’s commitment to the reduction of CO2 has been transformed into an internal reduction objective calculated using the following formula:​


The reduction achieved in 2019 due to the improvement activities was -6.3% on the previous year, a value that exceeds the minimum annual reduction required to keep the global average temperature increase to less than 1.5 C°, and the result of these activities led to a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the previous year. In particular, -13,8% of CO2 emissions per cast tonne compared to the previous year and -2% CO2 emissions per unit of finished product compared to the previous year.​

Like every year, the emissions inventory and calculation methodology underwent assurance certification by a thirdparty body in accordance with the ISO14064 standard.

Future goals ​​

In order to protect the environment and combat climate change, the Group set specific medium- and long-term to cut its greenhouse gas emissions. ​

In 2019 two new objectives were added to the 2018 reporting, aimed at more ambitious milestones (a 23% reduction by 2028 and a 50% reduction by 2045), in addition to including all factories recently built and started up, with a commitment to a year-on-year reduction of scope 1+2 of 2.5%, inspired by the new SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative) criteria for keeping the global temperature increase well below 2°C.




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