Brembo school bus to take education to the poor suburbs of Pune


 Cristina Bombassei launched the “School on Wheels” project that entails the delivery of a Brembo school bus outfitted to favor the education of children who, in the Pune suburbs, are unable to attend school regularly.


On the occasion of the traditional trip to India by Cristina Bombassei, Chief CSR Officer, and the CSR Team, the “School on Wheels” project was launched, promoted by the NGO Door step School with the Brembo school bus presentation ceremony. The goal of the project is to provide education in the slums of the Pune suburbs for children of poor families who are unable to go to school regularly due to family and cultural problems caused by the extreme poverty. The operation includes the outfitting of a bus as if it were a school classroom, therefore equipped with educational materials, blackboards and monitors to allow the NGO teachers to provide basic and primary scholastic activities to the numerous children who, for various reasons, are unable to attend school. ​


This project will be operational every week for 6 days, from Monday through Saturday. Throughout the day, the NGO Door Step School teachers will reach 6 stable points with the Brembo school bus in the enormous Indian slum area to provide small groups of children with some primary activities. After each stop, the school bus will get back on the road to go to the next stop, continuing the "home-delivery lessons" cycle until the evening. ​

This way, reaching various points of the enormous Pune slum area, it will be possible to include the poorest sections of the population, allowing about 200 students to have at least a basic education. Brembo has strong ties to the territories in which it operates and in which it always integrates successfully, paying constant attention to the needs of the same and concretely supporting the local communities in the greatest areas of social need through projects and initiatives. ​ ​​​