The Groove

The groove: new disc for café racers

The new Groove disc completes the Brembo offer in the Custom, Café Racer and Bike by Night segment. 

The particular design of the brake bell, realised completely from billet stock, stands out for the special charcoal grey black finishing, achieved through an oxidation process, with a look that is further enhanced by furrows obtained through machining after the oxidation process.

The by now well known red Brembo logo, hand painted in the Brembo workshops, finds its place set between the spokes of the brake disc bell.



The Groove aims to represent the distinctive element for the world of enthusiasts that highlights and defines the spirit and world of true Café Racers looking for a quality product with top notch aesthetic appeal and pure excitement.

The disc is completely interchangeable on all major bikes in the reference segment such as Triumph, Ducati, Honda and most of the "specials" on the market.

The product kit includes installation instructions.


The assurance of an Original product

Brembo also extends the innovative approach that has always distinguished its products to its customer service and, first in its field, is capable of protecting their customers from purchasing counterfeit products.

To guarantee the security of purchasing an original product and not a counterfeit, Brembo places the special Original Card inside each package of this product, with which you can check its authenticity online.

The card, inside a sealed pack, contains a secret 6-digit code which when entered on the website allows you to check with absolute certainty the authenticity of the product purchased.