Efficiency and power in a braking system

The brake disc is a fundamental component in ensuring the efficacy and power of a braking system.

The decisive factors in achieving more immediate and safer braking action - especially in extreme conditions - are the ability to transfer braking torque, resistance to thermo-mechanical stress and the rapid dispersal of the heat generated by braking.

To meet these requisites fully, Brembo brake discs are manufactured with superior quality raw materials: in particular, these include special stainless steel alloys for the brake rotors, and aluminium or steel alloys for the rotor hats.



These discs are manufactured to extremely fine tolerances in the order of just a few microns. Drawing from its immense experience, Brembo has defined the optimum geometries, tolerances and dimensions for each motorcycle type and application.

As a result of specific studies into process and machining tolerances, Brembo brake discs have a unique conformation that transfers braking torque more effectively while also improving resistance to thermo-mechanical stress.

Brembo's product range includes fixed and floating discs from 155 to 330 mm in diameter, which cater for a wide spectrum of applications for both front and rear wheel braking systems, from scooters to hypersports street bikes.


A behind-the-scenes look at perfect braking

More than 200,000 km are travelled per year and more than 50 people are dedicated to the development and testing of Brembo motorcycle products.

Brembo follows a strict sequence of tests which as shown in this video includes tests on static benches, test cycles on the dynamic banks and then on-road tests: three steps required to test the braking systems in conditions which are similar to real conditions.


Some of the bike models equipped with Brembo discs brakes:

Ducati Diavel Titanium

The Diavel’s extraordinary braking performance is ensured thanks to Brembo brakes with incredibly powerful pillar calipers, driven by alloy radial pumps with tanks boasting an exclusive sport design and covers machined from the solid. At the front, two floating 320 mm half-discs combine with dual radial four-piston calipers, while at the rear, the 265 mm disc is braked by a two-piston caliper - all built by Brembo.
The Diavel Titanium is also and exclusively equipped with superb Marchesini forged wheel rims in finely worked aluminium alloy.

Harley- Davidson CVO Street Glide

Constant braking at all speeds

Reliability and control. High performance Brembo brakes with dual front discs deliver constant braking power at all speeds. Front and rear 4-piston calipers combined with the dual front disc complete this state-of-the-art, top of the range braking system. There is also a specific caliper insert. This is yet another example of the way in which attention to every detail means that Brembo can ensure your maximum peace of mind for every trip.

Harley- Davidson Night Rod Special

Even better performance without sacrificing style

Better safety and control. High-performance Brembo double disc brakes provide ideal braking power for every situation. In addition, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) helps reduce the likelihood of wheel lock in the event of sudden braking. So, having cleverly stylized the speed sensor, the bike retains the purity of its good looks. More performance without sacrificing style. This is Brembo’s Mission.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

Turbo brakes

Braking a turbo-charged 310 HP engine seemed to be a very unlikely feat. But not for Brembo! We designed truly powerful, cutting-edge system for the Kawasaki Ninja H2 (as well as the Ninja H2R). Astonishing braking performance in very tight spaces is ensured by the seamless integration of the radial brake pump and the 4-piston pillar calipers and 330 mm discs.

KTM 1190 Adventure

Braking power, precision and comfort

Precise, powerful and fade-free: Optimal braking for the 1190 Adventure is assured by Brembo components of the highest quality, including 320 mm discs, fixed calipers with a radial mount and 4 radial pistons, as well as a radial pump for the front brake. All this is achieved without affecting the comfort of those who prefer a relaxed driving style.

Moto Guzzi V7 ABS

Happy ever after since the 1970s

The Mandello del Lario bike-builder has always focused intensely on braking, so much so that even as early as 1973 the V750S had a Brembo double disc front brake and calipers. The Moto Guzzi V7 ABS not only maintains this tradition but even raises the bar thanks to the axial mount front caliper and front and rear brake pump all by Brembo. Clearly demonstrating that elegant design and dynamic braking stability can co-exist very well indeed.

Triumph Daytona 675 R abs

British charm, Italian braking!

British charm and top performance.
To achieve all this, the Triumph Daytona 675 R Abs uses Brembo front brake pillar calipers and a radial front brake pump.
Together with the Brembo 310 mm front discs and Brembo rear caliper, they offer the best in sharp on-road braking as well as for racing.