3 Lights


"3 Lights" radial brake and clutch master cylinder

The leading principle in Brembo's development of “Led’s Body”, a revolutionary product for upgrades which integrates Led technology turn signals in the radial brake master cylinder, was pairing safety with design and style.

The product is patented by Brembo for both the current "turn signals" version and for the "flashers" version which is not yet on the market. Both of these versions could be useful for motorcycles used by police forces.

The concept of this innovation pairs the safety of Brembo radial brake master cylinders with LED technology turn signals, all "fused" in an element that has its own unique, futuristic design style and that represents a true global sneak peek into the braking system sector.


Brembo also celebrates its 50th anniversary with this, once again innovating and launching a new, exciting technological challenge which integrates the braking system world and luminous turn signals which had never before been paired. 

Brembo's goal was once again to get ahead of the market and to meet the end consumer halfway with a design product which enhances the vehicle and simultaneously further increases its safety, since turn signals integrated into the brake master cylinder on the handlebar - therefore higher up compared to their usual position - are more visible to motorist and others on the road.

Led's body, brake and clutch, will be marketed all over the world by Brembo through its sales network. The product can be adapted to the most common "naked" motorcycles and muscle bikes such as the Honda CB1000 RR, the Ducati Diavel and Monster, and it complies with prevailing approval standards (ECE R50 Cat. 11 regulation).  



The assurance of an Original product

Brembo also extends the innovative approach that has always distinguished its products to its customer service and, first in its field, is capable of protecting their customers from purchasing counterfeit products.

To guarantee the security of purchasing an original product and not a counterfeit, Brembo places the special Original Card inside each package of this product, with which you can check its authenticity online.

The card, inside a sealed pack, contains a secret 6-digit code which when entered on the website www.original.brembo.com allows you to check with absolute certainty the authenticity of the product purchased.