ATV and Snowmobiles

The best parking brake

While snowmobiles and ATVs are very different vehicles, they use similar, very specific braking systems, consisting of motorcycle-type components with the addition of a parking brake.

Snowmobiles are subjected to extremely large temperature ranges, from cold starting at -40°C to operation at very high engine temperatures. Brembo has designed braking systems specifically for the characteristics of these vehicles, with dual piston fixed calipers and small diameter (220 mm) fixed discs for inboard installation.

For ATVs, Brembo has created specific braking systems that offer the same characteristics as those used for off-road motorcycles - namely lightness, consistent performance in all conditions and shock resistance. Brembo braking systems for ATVs feature dual piston fixed calipers and small diameter (220 mm) fixed discs to facilitate in-wheel installation.



Some of the ATV and Snowmobiles equipped with Brembo brakes:

Can-Am Spyder roadster

Brake system triples up

Three wheels ensure more stability but the brake system must be specially calibrated to work at its best. After analysing the behaviour of the Can-Am Spyder roadster, Brembo identified the most effective solution as the double front 4-piston pillar caliper and two 270 mm discs. The parking brake, on the other hand, is integrated into the floating rear caliper. The system also include a Brembo brake pump and clutch pump.