Work Environment

Brembo is a multinational corporation that operates on three continents and has production sites in 16 nations. In its entirely, Brembo relies on four research laboratories, 19 industrial sites and 23 business offices through which it sells its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The Company's proven skill in innovating and pursuing excellence in manufacturing Brembo products is a result of the attitude, the dedication and the passion of more than 9,000 people that contribute to a work environment characterized by design, safety, multiculturalism, innovation and dynamism.


The work environment is multinational and is comprised of a multicultural team: out of 100 Brembo people, 36 work in Italy, 18 in Poland, 12 in China, 10 in the Czech Republic and 9 in the USA. The remaining 15 are split between Mexico, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain and Japan. Brembo employees belong to every age category, with an even distribution between those in their twenties (24%), thirties (34%) and forties (28%), while those over 50 represent 14% of the corporate population.

The Company appreciates the transversal competency of self-management, encouraging those who immediately take on their own professional projects. To demonstrate the Group's efforts towards placing value in its internal staff members, including facilitating growth opportunities and international mobility, a significant percentage of open positions get covered by internal personnel.



Innovation and Dynamism

The true strategic legacy of the Company rests in the individuals who come together to form a young professional team that is highly qualified due to the professional experience each person brings to the table. 84% of the corporate population has a medium-high level of education and 28% of the employees are university graduates. About 1,800 people, 20% of the total, hold a degree in engineering or another technical-scientific discipline.



​ To encourage the growth of each staff member, the Company has a long tradition of initiatives in structured training and development. The rich training offer is made up of courses divided between basic and advanced management training, technical-specialized training, languages (especially English and German), mandatory training courses (safety and environment) and institutional courses.

Brembo sees its talent as the measurement of the value that each employee brings as he/she contributes individually towards reaching common objectives, which is why specific programs have been created to bring out the potential of each person. To do so, the Company has developed a specific talent portfolio that can be filtered by a certain geographic area or a determined professional category.

The selection of programs dedicated to the talent throughout the world is periodically updated.

Design & Safety

The work environment is composed of space that is both functional and pleasant, whether an office or a production department. All of the Brembo buildings are made with the same practical logic proudly visible in the Brembo Headquarters located inside the Kilometro Rosso Science Park.

One particularly important element is the attention given to safety that is also transmitted to every operational site through specific actions aimed at guaranteeing the integrity of each staff member.



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