The Brembo skills model

​​​​​​​To each their own skill ​

Brembo has adopted a skills model for the growth of the various people in the company. It covers 15 managerial skills, divided up into 5 specific areas which dialogue​ with the Brembo Values​:





• Credibility
• Development of responsibility​


• Focus on the customer
• Strive​ for excellence
• Generation of consent
• Problem Solving​


• Strategic thought
• Innovativeness​
• Assumption of risk​
• Adaptability to change ​ ​


• Teamwork
• Effective communication
• Respect for Diversity​


• Support
• Impact on motivation​

The company has decided to communicate these skills externally in order to make its managerial know-how and the foundation of its career paths transparent​. Each employee undergoes an evaluation upon being hired and then an annual analysis of the results achieved is conducted, as well as checks at each turn of his or her career path, based on the Brembo skills model.​

At every meeting between managers and employees, the results achieved during the year are analyzed, future objectives to be pursued are defined, improvement plans are drafted and future growth paths established.​ 

In addition to the 15 managerial skills, Brembo has created specific technical-professional skills systems for the various functions.​

The job rotation, job posting and training processes are also structured in accordance with the same criteria and, through his or her professional role, they help each employee to best express his or her potential and contribution to achieving the goals of the organization.​