Success develops responsibility

​​​​​​​​​​Success develops responsibility

For Brembo, corporate social responsibility is not simply an abstract concept, but a series of real daily practices. For this reason, in line with the terms of its Code of Ethics, Code of Basic Working Conditions,Policy on Non-discrimination and Diversity and Code of Anti-Corruption Behaviour the company has set up an internal organisation to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. This is divided into four different areas of intervention, each one for a different category of participants.


Business to Suppliers

Brembo aims to be responsible for its own activities and for the results it delivers to all the parties involved in the entire production chain, particularly its suppliers.

For this reason, the supplier approval phase consists in assessing, verifying and monitoring the technical and managerial ability, in addition to the ethical, social, economic and financial reliability of suppliers based on objective elements.




Business to Rules

Brembo has decided to operate in the market in full compliance with the main international standards regarding sustainability, which are considered to "exceed" the national standards and are the underlying principles of Model 231 and Code of Anti-Corruption Behaviour.


Business to Environment

The company also endeavours, in all of its activities, to always guarantee maximum respect for the environmental resources and values of both the land on which it operates and on the planet as a whole. It does so by implementing precise internal directives and launching specific ad hoc projects.



Business to People

Brembo recognises that people are its most valuable resource and, by adopting an approach based on the international standards (UN, ILO, OCSE) it guarantees the application of the principles that inspired it to implement its own codes of conduct, including the Code of Basic Working Conditions and Policy on Non-discrimination and Diversity