Focus on training

​​​​Constant training​​​

Brembo sees its talent as the measurement of the value that each employee brings as he or she contributes individually towards reaching common objectives.

For this reason, specific training and development programs have been created in order to enhance the potential both of newly hired graduates and professionals who continue to grow within the company.

The training offer is therefore structured in such a way so as to involve the various professional families at all levels and throughout their entire careers in a spirit of lifelong learning.

Alongside an annual training plan based on the needs of the company population, the Group also guarantees its employees the chance to participate in Coaching, Mentoring and Tutoring programs.

This way, the Group aims at enhancing and empowering its personnel, proactively involving them in defining the learning and growth paths.

​In order to exploit the valuable know-how that develops within the various functions and work teams in the various Brembo organizations around the world, the Brembo Academy was established: this is a true company training school with UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification that also draws from the knowledge of teachers within the company, pursuing the goal of facilitating a structured sharing of Brembo know-how within the Group.