Career paths

​The opportunities and development paths with Brembo​​

Brembo is always searching for talent, with particular attention to new college graduates majoring in E​ngineering and Economics​. ​

In addition to internship opportunities and professional opportunities for experienced profiles, every year, the company hires numerous new graduates with structured development paths, beginning from the following entry positions within three main areas:​

- Technical Area​: design engineer, project engineer, testing engineer, quality engineer, ict project manager, data scientist;
- Operations Area​: assistant production manager; process engineer, production planner, logistics specialist, lean manufacturing & continuous improvement specialist;
- Staff Areas​: buyer, controller, treasury specialist, sales & marketing, junior hr​.



In order to promote the professional growth of its personnel, Brembo makes internal mobility tools available, allowing employees to have access to new work opportunities within the Group.

​​The company also promotes the transversal skill of self management, encouraging awareness and the proactive role of people in developing their own professional project.