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The Gen Z Forum is an annual incubator for innovative ideas powered by the new generations who represent the company’s future and are the true promoters of an innovation that has always been a part of Brembo’s DNA.  Young people with diverse experiences and backgrounds develop and present their creative ideas to the CEO. Only the most promising ideas will be approved and transformed into new business opportunities within the framework of the 3 Pillars. 

The Gen Z forum creates a space for young people from the same generation to connect, share and give life to new ideas. This exchange of knowledge is the main added value, and it can be particularly helpful for personal growth, education, and professional development. What surprised me about the whole project was the diverse view of the issues across the plants and the common search for intersections in the generation of ideas”


“Gen Z Forum is the greatest project for employee who wants to challenge themselves and collaborate with colleagues from other areas, functions and geographies to create value and development for Brembo. Thanks to this forum, ideas can be translated into concrete projects within a really accelerated environment, through which we challenge the overall organization and make the Company's vision and mission even more real."



Leaders’ International Fast Track Program has the aim of recruiting junior talents and grow them through cross-functional and international experiences, enriching the Company's Global Talent Portfolio. The programme, lasting 27 months and on its 4th performance, is divided into three job rotations, of which at least one is abroad. The LIFT program is supported by a training plan aimed at speeding up the acquisition of technical and management skills. During the programme, fresh graduates are monitored and supported by the LIFT Development Committee, composed of Sponsors, Mentors and Tutors, and coordinated by Drivers, who constantly monitor their performance and motivation, in addition to working organically to set up and manage rotations.

“The LIFT Program is an incredible learning path, where you have the chance to explore your attitudes and strengths by experiencing three different roles, in different areas and geographies over 27 months.


“This program unleashes your career potential: through 3 different job rotations and a dedicated development committee composed by tutors, mentors and sponsors you’ll sharpen your skills and accelerate your growth


“LIFT program gives you the opportunity to build strong relations in the Company and to learn something new about yourself from every rotation and from every colleague"


“Don't brake your career potential, accelerate it with Brembo's LIFT program. This project is a real launchpad for young minds eager to shape the future of mobility trough passion and commitment



Brembo MotoGP Race Engineer


The Group translates its corporate purpose into practice through three strategic pillars — Digital, Global and Cool —, which elaborate and implement business ideas throughout the year. The Pillars involve more than 120 people with diverse nationalities, gender and professional background. 

“Being a part of one of the 3 Brembo Pillars allows me to contribute to ideas that are new and outside of my daily scope, by working in an international environment with colleagues with different background and culture. I also have the opportunity to contribute to root the strategy through innovative projects."


“Being part of a Pillar is a higher stage. The stage of action. The goal we set for ourselves earlier is now being created and implemented. What is interesting to me is the speed of the decision. Once the idea is approved, implementation can begin. Learning the company's methodology, being part of a larger project, international cooperation are key in the Pillar. It empowers personal development, supports awareness and improves cooperation skills”


“It is a good platform for everyone who want to challenge themselves, especially for young people who want to know more about Company development direction”  


“Being part of the Pillar project is a great and useful experience. You can face challenges within a multicultural team, increasing your network and raising personally and professionally, thanks to a worldwide company as Brembo. Another exciting aspect is the opportunity to submit your ideas and proposals directly to the chiefs. With the Pillar you can make the difference, contributing to build the future of the company” 


“Participating in this Pillar project gives me the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues in Brembo at Global level on amazing projects and activities for the Group. It's a unique experience and I recommend to all Brembo employees to join the Pillars!”


You may have heard about 2 Brembo Hackathons (2022 in Italy - Stezzano and 2023 in USA - Sunnyvale), but you certainly haven’t quite seen all of it…
Having fun sometimes can be exhausting. Having great ideas and bringing them to life is exactly both. Have a look behind  the behind the scenes at the participants of our first Brembo Hackathon. Magic moments of sharing, fun and challenge .When great ideas come together and collide the potential for the outcome can be amazing.

Brembo Hackathon allows to share ideas, experiences and foster innovation. Be a mentor was a great opportunity to meet new talents, help them discovering Brembo word and – at the same time – be inspired by participants passion in AI.


Creating a hackathon from scratch involves diving in a culture of open innovation and cross-collaboration, where 'thinking outside the box' is not merely a slogan, but a tangible practice. It was a unique opportunity for me to propose and work on such an event that embodies the essence of a dynamic and young network, filled with elements of fun and innovation as our guiding keywords.



Brembo Hackathon 2023
Sunnyvale, California


Brembo learning program is an annual project organised in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, in which Brembo managers and specialists teach the students who are about to graduate, illustrating them the various phases of Brembo products.

Brembo Learning Program has been enlightening for me in many ways: as a student, I had only theoretical knowledge. In this path I had the opportunity to gain practical experience. This allowed me to understand that the world of brakes is vast and much more complex than it initially appears. I would recommend Brembo Learning Program to any student passionate about this field because it provides an excellent transition from textbook knowledge to real-world application.


What impressed me most about this experience was the innovation, the sharing of the company vision and the feeling of being part of a well-structured team.