Brembo’s culture is built and developed on ethics and is founded on key values, that are the basis for operating business and achieving long-term success:


Behaving with integrity, honesty and respect, placing common interest ahead of individual interest. ​
• Credibility ​
• Development of responsibility ​


Pursuing excellence through high quality and timely performance aimed at achieving the company goals. ​
• Focus on the customer
• Strive for excellence ​
• Generation of consent
​• Problem Solving​


Anticipating changes and promoting innovative solutions, exceeding expectations. ​
• Strategic thoughtbr
• Innovativeness
• Assumption of risk
​• Adaptability to change


Feeling like you are part of Brembo and being proud to be recognized as such. ​
• Teamwork
• Effective communication
• ​Consideration of diversities


Committing to improving the contribution of personnel to achieve the company goals (in terms of performance, skills, potential and motivation).
• Support
• Impact on motivation ​