Brakings with reduced environmental impact

In the mid-premium segment - the most significant segment of all in terms of volumes - saving energy and reducing environmental impact are primary requisites alongside comfort and performance. And the braking system must also contribute to this by ensuring reduced environmental impact, superior comfort and satisfactory performance.

Brembo was the first manufacturer to introduce braking systems with fixed aluminium calipers instead of conventional floating cast iron discs for higher performance models in this segment. This was a first for the segment, which not only improves performance but also marks a significant step forward in reducing consumption and environmental impact.

These braking systems are supplied complete with one-piece discs measuring up to 390 mm in diameter. For other models in this segment, Brembo suppliers the major carmakers with brake discs engineered and tested to deliver maximum performance with minimum weight.



Some of the medium cars equipped with Brembo brakes:

Cadillac ATS

Brakes that pass the Nurburgring test

An American car recalling German handling and clean outlines. The Cadillac ATS achieves speeds going into corners that have nothing to envy of its rivals. This is thanks to tests on the old Nurburgring, where various braking solutions were also tried out. The final choice fell on formidable Brembo four piston combined with front discs by 321 mm for a braking system that combines great performance and good looks.
These Brembo calipers are also characterized by a design in perfect harmony with the car’s own distinguishing features.

Chevrolet Camaro

Italian brakes do it better

The Chevrolet Camaro Coupe is 90 kg lighter than the previous models with better aerodynamics and brakes.
The Brembo four-piston, two-piece aluminium calipers are designed specifically for weight savings and are among the stiffest available with virtually no distortion from high thermal and torque loads, even under the most demanding conditions. Brembo’s corrosion-resistant calipers in anodized aluminium offer reduced weight over traditional calipers. 
On the Camaro LT, the available Brembo brakes include 12.6-inch (321x30mm) front rotors with four-piston aluminium calipers. Camaro SS employs 13.6-inch (345x30 mm) front rotors with four-piston aluminium calipers and 13.3-inch (339x26 mm) rear rotors with four-piston calipers.