To each vehicle its own perfect spare part

A wide range of spare parts, all of the highest quality

The characteristic of the vehicle is the element that determines the type of brake disc to be fitted, together with the driving style. For this reason, Brembo offers drivers and enthusiasts the widest, most reliable range of spare parts available on the market today, capable of meeting the requirements of all kinds of motorists, from sports driving enthusiasts to those whose main concern is comfort.



No noise and no vibration with Brembo brake discs and brake pads.

High Carbon cast iron​ (HC) differs from the standard cast iron that is normally used in the production of brake discs due to its particular chemical composition, which is designed to muffle any noise and, therefore guarantee an optimum level of comfort, as well as improve the heat conductivity, or rather the ability of the disc to cool down.

Brembo has chosen over 100 different compounds for its brake pads, always enabling it to offer the most suitable solution for the type of vehicle and driving style, both in terms of performance and comfort.

Use of the best solutions for muffling noise and vibrations guarantees maximum comfort on all occasions.

Brembo PVT offer maximum cooling capacity.

Brembo has patented a pillar venting system - PVT - which improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to thermal cracking by over 40%.
This innovative technology not only extends the duration of the disc, but also ensures superior performances and heightened safety levels compared with standard venting systems.


No corrosion: Discs with UV coating.

Those who believe that looks matter can rely on the UV ray painting technology used by Brembo, which ensures that the discs present a high level of resistance to the corrosion caused by the weather conditions. As time goes by, the metallic effect and functional properties of the brake disc are maintained.

Prompt response and maximum performance: Brembo Max.

Coated and whiskered, Brembo Max​ brake discs optimise braking performances in difficult conditions, thanks to the constant renewal of the material that generates friction, guaranteeing a prompt braking action in all conditions.

A superior braking performance, tried and tested during intense benchmark trials and road tests, simulating the most difficult driving conditions.




The perfect spare part for every vehicle in a click.