GT: GT | R braking systems


The most sophisticated high performance braking system ever manufactured for a car.​




The GT | R braking systems are designed to meet the needs of aggressive braking both on and off the track. 

The GT | R caliper is the result of Brembo's extensive experience in the design of braking systems. The GT | R Kit comprises monobloc calipers that are machined from an aluminum block, radial mounting, with 4 and 6 pistons, two piece floating discs and high performance pads.



Monobloc calipers that are machined from an aluminum block with racing characteristics: lightweight, stiff and resistant to high temperatures.​

The GT | R calipers are made of aluminum and machined from a metal block, radial-mounted, with 4 or 6 pistons: these features reduce the unsprung weight, improving the dynamics and the vehicle's performance. They are designed to provide a constant braking force and the feel of a consistent and reliable pedal. The pistons with stainless steel radiators significantly reduce the transmission of heat during extreme driving which minimizes the wear on the brakes. To guarantee protection against corrosion and provide quality performance in the field, the GT | R calipers are nickel plated with Brembo's logo engraved in red with CNC machining.​



Two piece floating discs to reduce the sprung weight and to rapidly dissipate the heat.​

The GT | R braking systems include two piece floating discs which reduce the unsprung weight and rapidly dissipate the heat. The floating disc's anti-noise hardware is the direct result of the experience that Brembo has built up both on the track as well as on the road. The discs are available in sizes that range from 345 mm to 405 mm in diameter with thicknesses that range from 28 mm to 34 mm. To guarantee perfect and trouble-free fitting, the GT | R kit includes all the required hardware such as brackets and mounting adapters machined from a metal block, as well as the stainless steel brake hoses.​


Pads: delivering optimum performance under different driving conditions​

The GT | R range offers a series of friction materials that can meet the demands of a wide range of drivers and deliver optimum performance under different driving conditions, both on the road and on the track. In addition to the High Performance road brake pads, pads with racing/track friction materials are also available. 

To guarantee perfect and trouble-free fitting, the GT | R kit includes all the necessary hardware such as brackets and mounting adapters machined from a metal block, as well as Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses. ​

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The assurance of an Original product​

​Brembo Check: a new Brembo App that certifies that UPGRADE ​products are original.​

The counterfeiting of Brembo brake systems, as with many products made by the most iconic brands, is unfortunately something that is becoming more and more widespread. In this case, it is something that is potentially much more dangerous because it regards the performance of active safety systems which are vital to the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users. 

Brembo has always guaranteed the safety and reliability of its own parts and has developed an app called Brembo Check which can be used simply and quickly to certify that its products are genuine ones. 

With Brembo Check installed on your mobile device, all you have to do when you buy an UPGRADE product is use your smartphone to scan the unique QR Code on the label which can easily be seen on the purchased component or on the box, as in the SPORT range, to know if the Brembo product is original or not. 

To prevent tampering, the label is made using a printing and application procedure which prevents it from being removed; if you try to remove it, you damage the QR Code making it unusable. In this way, the label cannot be detached and cannot be affixed to any other products other than the original one. ​

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