The gateway to the Brembo UPGRADE world: reliable on the road, superior on the track. The products in the Brembo SPORT range– brake discs, pads and fluid – are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles both for normal road use as well as high performance driving.​



The new Brembo SPORT | TY3 disc has two easily recognizable elements that distinguish it from the previous version - the use of Type3 slotting and the Brembo logo which can be clearly seen on the brake ring and technical and design content which appear for the first time on a road disc. 

The Type3 slotting is the result of years of research and prototyping by the Brembo Racing Department and resembles the design of the discs used in the most important motorsports championships. This “slot” design has been widely used in most GT and endurance championships such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and is currently used in the WTCR World Championship.


The specific design of the milling on the brake ring increases friction and improves performance and brake modulation thanks to constant regeneration of the pad’s surface which gives more responsive, consistent braking. Compared with an original equipment disc, the new Brembo SPORT | TY3guarantees a smoother brake pedal feel, improved performance, stability and resistance to fading: a quality that is much appreciated by those who love sportier driving.​


The sporty vocation of the SPORT | TY3disc is highlighted by the signature with the Brembo logo directly on the brake ring, a detail previously found only on discs used in racing, which enables even the most distracted of spectators to immediately recognize the distinctive sign, the high quality and the aesthetic refinement which have always been a feature of Brembo products. The new Brembo SPORT | TY3disc also guarantees the best performance when combined with the other components in the Sport range: the SPORT | HP2000 brake pad and the SPORT | Evo500++ brake fluid, all silver-colored. ​


The Brembo SPORT | TY3disc is the ideal solution for enthusiasts who combine normal road use with sportier driving and thanks to this new disc, visibility, functionality and performance will now be available to everyone.​


The Brembo SPORT pads, designed and tested for sporty road use, constitute the first upgrade level for any braking system. 

This is a product that is designed for drivers with sports ambitions and, more generally, all those who want the maximum from their cars. These pads feature high levels of manufacturing quality and use innovative materials that only Brembo can guarantee. They offer outstanding performance even without warming up and at low speeds thanks to a special material that ensures constant friction at all temperature ranges. In addition to offering enhanced performance, this material also ensures outstanding quietness and reduced wear and tear, both on the disc and the pad. ​


The Brembo SPORT pads also have a high pedal modulation index which gives total control of braking. 

They work best with temperatures of between 200 and 300 degrees, but can withstand much higher temperatures - up to 600 degrees - and are designed to guarantee outstanding performance while still maintaining a good comfort level. These are therefore ideal brake pads for drivers who want the best from their braking, even during everyday use, and are even more effective if used in conjunction with Brembo discs. ​

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The assurance of an Original product​

Brembo Check: a new Brembo App that certifies that UPGRADE ​products are original.​

The counterfeiting of Brembo brake systems, as with many products made by the most iconic brands, is unfortunately something that is becoming more and more widespread. In this case, it is something that is potentially much more dangerous because it regards the performance of active safety systems which are vital to the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users. 

Brembo has always guaranteed the safety and reliability of its own parts and has developed an app called Brembo Check which can be used simply and quickly to certify that its products are genuine ones. 

With Brembo Check installed on your mobile device, all you have to do when you buy an UPGRADE product is use your smartphone to scan the unique QR Code on the label which can easily be seen on the purchased component or on the box, as in the SPORT range, to know if the Brembo product is original or not. 

To prevent tampering, the label is made using a printing and application procedure which prevents it from being removed; if you try to remove it, you damage the QR Code making it unusable. In this way, the label cannot be detached and cannot be affixed to any other products other than the original one. ​ 

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