Impeccable comfort of brake system

Brake systems for luxury sedans must ensure impeccable comfort, with a total absence of squealing and vibration, as well as superlative performance.

Brembo fully satisfies these requisites while also catering for the needs of the environment with a state of the art design process that also aims to reduce the weight of the caliper and residual torque. This is because a lighter system translates to a reduction in consumption and emissions.

Due to their superlative technology and unparalleled comfort, Brembo 4 and 6 piston aluminium monoblock calipers are fitted to the flagship models of the world's most exclusive brands. Completing the braking system is a range of very high performance composite and co-cast floating brake discs, produced in diameters up to 390 mm and boasting exceptional axial rigidity.



Some of the large cars equipped with Brembo brakes:

Cadillac CTS

Attention to detail, even when it comes to brakes

Some say this is the best car built by General Motors. This is confirmed by the Brembo designed braking system built to ensure maximum comfort: 4 x 42 mm diameter piston calipers combined with 321 mm front discs (345 mm for 18-inch wheel rims). Fixed Brembo aluminium calipers combine in this car with low environmental impact, great comfort and high performance.