The importance of choosing Brembo


Low quality is a fickle saving

Brembo closely analysed the quality of the brake discs and brake pads currently on sale in the market. The results clearly showed that even new components can present faults, and can therefore be dangerous.

Choosing a low quality product, or in any case a product that does not have the same quality standards offered by Brembo, can be a serious problem.

Indeed, the apparent initial saving can transform itself into a considerable cost, as the brake disc will inevitably need to be replaced in a short time.


The best manufacturers choose Brembo quality

Leader in the development and production of high performance braking systems, Brembo supplies its braking systems to the most important vehicle manufacturers in the world.

In this panorama, Brembo's strong point is the meticulous attention paid in each phase of the production chain, both for the Original Equipment products it manufactures and those destined for the spare parts market. Both are made in the same sites. From the design department to the foundry, from processing to distribution, from the development of the compounds to the moulding phase, Brembo checks each minimum detail, and so succeeds in fully meeting the highest standards of quality required by the main manufacturers worldwide.


Our spare parts are identical to the originals

Each Brembo spare part is fruit of the same care and attention we dedicate to the racing sector.

All Brembo production sites are approved by vehicle manufacturers as qualified producers of original components.

Spare parts are also produced in these same production sites, and so there are of the same high technological level that characterises original components.

All Brembo spare parts are certified as originals, or equivalents to the originals, in compliance with EC Regulation 461/2010, which allows them to be used for the maintenance of motor vehicles even during their warranty period without compromising its validity.



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